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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Was that the Sherlock Holmes-type book? Great work by Waid and Guice on that one.


Yes. Super witty. Probably worth a reread now that I think of it.


Huh… interesting developpement for Groot in Countdown to Infinity #1… so he gets turned back to his original form by the Gardener, which means he’s huge again and can talk once more… so we finally got rid of both baby Groot and the “I am Groot” gag which went on for too long at this point (thanks to the movies in part) . This is rather interesting because it shows Duggan seems to be a fan of the pre-Benids stuff so this gives me A LOT of hope… Bringing back Warlock, Kl’rt, the Groot thing, another thing with Gamora… it’s really looking good… hope it doesn’t disappoint.


Duggan is becoming one of Marvel’s superstars, I think.


It is 100 percent a personal taste thing…but I am just NOT on board with the Marvel house style for art at the moment. I can’t think of one Marvel exclusive artist I am on board with at the moment . Feel free to correct me.


Another artist gone from Marvel:

~40 issues and a GN is a very good run.


It is a good run, but I still would have liked more! They’re such a great team.




I don’t like her art, so eh… one of those un-remarkable “indie-like” artists who’ve been part of the recent Marvel style (which I’m not a fan of, tbh… it was nice at the begining, they’ve over-done it).


You really need your own Grumpy Old Jacowby thread.

To be fair, I don’t think her style would work on every book; but I do think her and North have been a creative team that’ve produced one of the best comics of the 2010s, and I’m sad to see that end.


I’m not saying she’s bad (although I don’t like her style and her faces particularly), but I’m tired of that particular indie-style of the last years… I’m really hoping CBC will bring in some fresh blood with new styles (I think he was a talent scout for a while, no?). Can’t comment on the book because between the art and the fact that I’m not interested in Squirrel Girl, well… yeah :smile:

Speaking of which, another thing I’m quite tired of: those cutesy joke-y characters like Squirrel Girl, baby Groot, and all the Gwen-whatevers… it’s like gags gone wrong, I swear =/


There was a time when Marvel’s roster included Westerns, war books, romance books, horror/monster books, and, yes, funny books. They appealed to other readers who didn’t like superhero books, and enabled Marvel to sell lots of comics to a large base of readers.

You may not like Squirrel Girl or Baby Groot, but maybe your nephew or niece or girlfriend or coworker might be interested. Maybe you can introduce that person to comics, thereby saving the comics industry.

Or, you know, just complain.


Not a lot of people here seem to read Squirrel Girl but in a rough couple of years for Marvel that was one of the company’s undeniable successes. It’s sold very well in trades and whenever you read something about comics in the mainstream press, that book and the Vision are the two Marvel books that are mentioned.


I haven’t read Squirrel Girl, which is kind of surprising because I’m actually a fan of Ryan North and have heard nothing but good things. I keep meaning to check it out…


Eh, I’ll go with the second, thankyouverymuch… I’m not getting paid to “save” the industry :roll_eyes:


Are you getting paid to complain? :smile:


He’s not getting paid to not complain.


No, that’s just my passion :sunglasses:


At this point paying readers not to complain might be an attractive business model for Marvel.


Allow me to second Mr. Wallace’s suggestion.

Cash only, no checks.