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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


The art is interesting here. I don’t mind the black and white previews but the colours put me off completely.
Something about the amount of black yellow and green maybe?
Weird can’t put my finger on it.

This gets a pass from me I’m afraid.


If it’s as good as JLA/Avengers, I think I’ll have to check it our. That was a fun read, about as comic booky as a series can be, too.


It’s a solid story . Still plenty of room for twists and turns but currently some very similar story beats to JLA/Avengers.
After rereading JLA avengers it’s amazing how much they packed into that series. Busiek and Perez filled it with so many little details it really is a thing of beauty. The 4 issues were all double sized and many pages are 7+ panels without feeling overcrowded.
Looking at no surrender for comparison the panel count is no where near this ( not necessarily a bad thing!) and it’s interesting to see the story telling evolution between 2004 and now.

I know it took about a year for Perez to finish his art duties on JLA avengers and he was given space to finish it completely so comparisons to a weekly comic aren’t exactly fair.

Avengers:No Surrender has been top notch art wise and the story compelling enough but it definitely needs a gear change soon to move away from some of these similar JLA/A beats




oh interesting, it’s got to do with the current arc then… yeah I reckoned, the first 2 arcs by Lemire didn’t look like anything Starlin would do =P

Eh, it’s a bit of a shame, the whole thing, but again, as much as I love Starlin, his more recent work has been a bit lacking… on the other hand Marvel’s recent use of Thanos in general has also been lacking… the new on-going has been pretty good though, all in all… So we’ll see… with the editorial change, he might change his mind.




After Lemire’s work on Moon Knight this has the potential to be something great.


Agreed. That cover is awful though!


Yep. The Sentry is a character with a lot of potential, but who has been in some weak stories over the years. I have high hopes for this. The reference to the original Jenkins series bodes well.



It looks like someone trying to ape Bryan Hitch and not being successful at it.





Ouch. The inking and coloring really don’t do that any favors then.


It’s the pose. Doesn’t work for all characters.


DO NOT Make Mine Marvel.

The whole thing needs palliative care. R.I.P., Marvel.


Hmm, wonder what effect this’ll have on I Hate Fairyland?


Lemire on Sentry sounds pretty cool to me. Another solid announcement by Marvel.

Is there any publisher that Lemire isn’t working for right now?


He does like to spread himself around more than other writers.

Sentry - Marvel
Terrifics - DC
Black Hammer - Dark Horse
Descender - Image
Usually something or other for Valiant
The odd graphic novel for Top Shelf

He’s got a good insurance policy if anything goes wrong at one of them.


Royal City for Image as well. How the hell is this guy so prolific and so consistently good?