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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Hmmm… I think this one is a little different. Jake has the E4 Mafia on his side.


Jake like raging fire. @Will like smoldering fire.


I definitely need to get tickets for this.


Are you quoting @Jim’s erotic memoirs again?


The beautiful thing is that he didn’t do either, and therefore discharged the conflict, a win with words.


That’s because Bruce Lee was The Man.


I thought that was Stan Lee?


I think they’re just distant relatives.


Bruce Lee, Stan Lee, Sara Lee …


Ah, that’s more of what I expected Waid would get.


Waid on Doctor Strange is pretty intriguing. It’s been a while since I’ve read much of anything from Marvel or DC on regular basis, but some of the announcements from both companies might change that soon.




Didn’t Waid briefly do Strange a few years back?



yeah, I think it was cut to be a mini-series due to poor sales. it started off pretty good as I recall.

oh, Emma Rios on art. There was a baseball game scene which was entertaining which is all I can remember.


From Leinil:



Aw dammit.
Avengers no surrender is pretty much JLA/Avengers.

Anyone else got that vibe?



I hate you Jim. This is the best damn part of our whole digression. You’re the Hawkeye of this whole thing.