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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


As I mentioned in the new comics thread. I don’t think it’s so much ‘not working’ as they don’t need it to as much. DC had hit the doldrums before Rebirth. They needed a hit desperately and for the new direction to work and took a profits hit, now they don’t need to as much.

It’s all a balance of supply and demand. Conversely while Marvel’s Legacy isn’t as cheap they are in need of a big hit right now and they have been selling comics of a similar size in the last few months for $9.99 so have come down 40% to give this a boost.

We’ll see if they have calculated correctly when the sales come in. If either are deeply disappointing I expect the loss leaders could return.


Now, THIS is how you write T’Challa:


is this the current BP? I’m looking for a good jumping on point for the character.


It is, from a recent issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers.

But, if you really want to see T’Challa done right, check out the Priest and Hudlin runs.


1998 Marvel Knights series?


Marvel are giving away free digital copies of all the new X-Men #1s. Just enter ICEMAN at to get them.


Thanks for the tip. I’m reading Marvel exclusively on Unlimited now, so nice to get a chance to check these out earlier than i would otherwise.


Nice one. I had been wanting to try Iceman.


So it’s a… cool book?


Thanks, Paul.


Still not buying some Marvel.


Technically, you would not be buying the books.



Thanks, Paul.



If they’re going to have Ultimate Thor’s Mjolnir in the Marvel Universe, this actually sounds like a pretty interesting use of it.


I’ve read that issue and it kinda broke my heart. Someone so kind and generous being so broken that he would pick up that hammer was really sad.


So, have Marvel announced how Legacy will “change the comic book industry” yet? Because all I see is a load of covers for titles, with no creative teams mentioned at all.


They’re doing it all without creative teams. That’s how they’re going to change it. :wink:


Not only are those just…regular cover homages, but they didn’t even use a Devil Dinosaur cover for Moon Girl.

Legacy, eh?