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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Yeah that seems like sound advice. Thanks for doing it so I don’t have to!


There’s been a bunch of idiots on twitter unsuccessfully trying to get comicgate going for a few months, it’s hilarious.


These people are just arseholes


Begbie speaks the truth.


Not a fan of Spencer or Ottley… I’m expecting a slight sales downturn.


There’s one important Q on Ottley: Can he draw fight scenes with less blood? Could be a hard habit to break after Invincible. (It works great there, just not sure about mainstream Marvel books.)


You don’t want to see Spider-Man beat all to hell?


They can do that, just without the blood.

It’s like how Batman never kills, even if he shoves a bomb in your mouth.


WRONG. I do my best to feel however you feel about things at all times. Do I like AP Bio? I won’t know until you tell me. Are we eating avocados these days? TELL ME!!!

In seriousness, and not to dogpile, but I’ve always thought of comics Cap as a humble leader, and neither version is characterized as someone who would walk away from the “fight.” His core is selfless service to the ideal of the United States. In any universe, Steve Rogers is the man who won’t stop until that ideal is realized. It’s NOT because he’s confident and brave, but because he’s a humble man who believes in service before self.


The confidence is the face he puts on to the world. As a veteran still serving, it’s something I do every time I put on my uniform.




He is, but “humble” doesn’t have to equate shoe-gazing, which is how Evans comes across to me. Cap is humble yet very confident.

When asked if he’s a great fighter, Bruce Lee responded with “If I tell you I’m great I’m bragging, if I tell you I’m not I’m lying.” That sounds like something Cap would say.


Place yer bets, Will vs Jake.

The Ryu vs Ken fight of MW!


I think you’re wrong. He gazes at his shoes on his own time/when he lets his hair down. I think good leaders do that, and remember, the Avengers aren’t the rank and file, they’re his Deputy Commander/immediate subordinates, so he can do that. When the rubber meets the road, he’s confident and decisive, and the rest of the proles see it.


I’m picturing Cap as the guitarist in My Bloody Valentine thanks to you two.


Is that a goth band?


They were Irish, so there’s not much difference.


I have no idea what this means, but I assume it’s a one sided beat down?


Only if it hurts to be wrong. Does it hurt?


Not as such. It’s a Street Fighter 2 riff.

Ken and Ryu are two very similar fighters, but with a bromantic level of mutual respect.