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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Ottley on Spider-Man is pretty awesome. Nick Spencer can do some good stuff, but I’m still feeling burned by Morning Glories.


Fair point! Sometimes I check this board and threads have 37 new posts and I miss stuff.


What happened with Morning Glories?


Morning Glories got through about half it’s intended run but has been on an indefinite hiatus for close to 2 years now with no indication of when (or if) it will even finish. The artist says he’s ready to go whenever Spencer gets him some scripts, but I can only assume that Morning Glories wasn’t lucrative enough to pay the bills. Which is fair, but it’s never fun to be left hanging not know if you’ll ever get an ending after 50 issues of investment.


Aaaaaaand that is me done with Marvel. Not particularly interested in Spencer so that’ll be me dropping my final Marvel title.


I think Spencer will crush it. These are good announcements.


That creative team makes sense

I’ve always kinda thought Spider-Man would play to Spencer’s strengths - he is a good writer despite being needlessly verbose at times.

Ottley is a great choice also.

This is a good team. Well done Marvel, announcements have been pretty good this past week.


Man, its interesting to see how long Marvel has been holding on to these announcements. Nearly all of them have been rumored for months at this point.


I really liked Superior Foes, so I’ll try Spencer’s Spider-Man. It seems the kind of thing he’s suited to.


Ottley is a very good get… CB’s reign is shaping up nicely, tbh. Besides the obligatory relaunches, I’m digging what’s been announced so far… less ongoings, more minis with good teams. Let’s see what they announce next.


These runs were in the works, at least in part, before Alonso left though. Maybe some changes, but Spencer and Coates have been heavily rumoured for ages, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the artists have been on board for a while too.



I’m not saying CB’s behind them… but they will fall under his stint… it’s stilla nice way to start your EiC stint. Let’s hope it’s just the begining of a course-correction and not just one more yearly gimmick.


I’m definitely on board for this. I’d be willing to read more books knowing they are minis that tell a good, finite story than dragging on in an on-going.


I’ll gladly give Amazing Spider-Man a go, I like the look of Captain America but I think I’ll wait out the trade there. Tentatively sticking with Thor depending on how it goes - I’m hoping the recent stagnation is a result of Marvel giving Aaron express instruction to delay the death of Jane and return of Thor up until this point so it all ties together nicely for them. That would explain why the series has been treading water so much in recent months.


It’s a shame, I was really looking forward to be buying Amazing Spider-Man again after ten years, but I just don’t like Ottley’s art. At all.


Honest question: I’m seeing all the Twitter reaction to the Marvel announcements (all of which I think sound great), and some guy called Dan Slott “the most hated man in comics” — I know it’s one guy, but it got 66 likes. Is it a thing that folks hate Slott? And why?


Anti-SJW Twitter (Diversity & Comics and the like) HATE Dan Slott, in part because of his politics, and in part because he can sometimes be a jerk about his politics (but they mostly hate his politics). There’s also the folks who didn’t like the Parker Industries direction, the Superior Spider-Man story, Brand New Day, and just how long Slott’s been in control of the character.


Ah, thanks. So there’s gamergate style folks in the comics world, too?


Oh, yeah. I recommend remaining blissfully unaware if you can.