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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Yeah. I think it’s the right way to go with some of these less popular characters. Rather than the ongoings that get canned anyway.

I’m far more likely to pick the mini’s up as I know/hope it’s a self contained 6 issue story and the creative team will be giving their all on it.

Marvel’s slowing winning my interest a bit.


To your first point, wartime experiences and how they’re processed vary from person to person. Not every vet is some bitter, cynic and Cap is not written as such.

To your second, don’t be silly.


Well, to my first point, most veterans are the picture of humble. An accurate Captain America would’ve retired the costume a long time ago.


It’s a fairly important part of Captain America’s story that he was a slightly atypical serviceman though.


No such thing.

I think your version looks like this:


Pretty sure I have a good pulse on the veteran community. Like any community there are all kinds of attitudes and behaviors represented.


No, I get that. He wanted it desperately. But this narrative seems to suggest every other soldier served reluctantly. This is quite frankly impossible. I think war humbles both kinds of soldier.


Okay. Granted. I actually think the Chris Evans depiction is pretty accurate. I just don’t know if that attitude would actually continue to be Captain America past Avengers, regardless of the commaraderie he found with other super soldiers.


I have no idea what you mean by this. Can you clarify?


Evans plays Captain America as humble, even reluctant. That has never been my impression of the comic book version. He’s always been depicted as a strong, confident leader type. To my mind, this completely contradicts his origins. It’s easier to see how the movies nail it, because they’ve been developed over a shorter period of time and they had to think about these things. Captain America when he originally debuted was a gung ho soldier, but by the time he was brought back in the '60s was turned into just another superhero, an Avenger who was naturally assumed to be a leader because, well, he had “captain” in his name and he’d actually been a soldier.

But going back to Evans, I can’t really fathom why he wouldn’t have agreed to do the one mission (take out Loki) and then just decide to walk away. There’s no upside. But I guess that’s why he became associated with SHIELD, and why Winter Soldier made so much sense, because it did take into account why and how he would’ve stayed in the business. But it also was a natural separation point. He almost seems to have a Michael Corleone complex.


Ok, once again, war doesn’t automatically make someone humble or a reluctant leader. Evans’ Cap being humble is just as valid as the comics version, even though they’re different. It’s different aspects of the character. Both have the same values but the different portrayals fit the different direction of each medium.

If you have to ask why the movie Cap doesn’t walk away from the role after one mission then you really don’t understand the character.

Are you a vet? Or do you work with/know any? I’m not sure where you’re getting this impression.


I don’t work with them but I’ve known many, and I’ve been around active service members, too.


I’d be willing to bet not all of them act the same way. As with any group, we process things differently and have different personalities.


Just now hearing about the Ewing Hulk book. That sounds incredible. I’ve always liked horror takes on the character. The Azzarello and Corben series is one of my favorite Hulk stories ever.



I’m a big fan of that series as well. Can’t remember the last time I picked up a Hulk book but I’m definitely getting this one.


Oh this is news to me

At last Ewing on a book that gives him a bit of stage


Cmon Rob! I posted that 2 days ago!

Pfft old news by now I guess :rofl:




Holy S*$& Ottley . What a win!

Spencer? wooof I don’t know man.

His Ant-man and spectacular foes of Spider-man tells me he can do it but I don’t think I can read it objectively after Secret Invasion. And I was in the small camp that kinda liked it.