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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


That’s incredible. 4 mini-series from a 1 shot. Looks like they are trying to go down the old Annihilation road.
I just don’t have the disposable income to justify buying into these limited series.
Wolverine is currently popping up 1 page a month at a time not really up to much.
THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: ALPHA #1 had best be spectacular and or returnable because I just cannot see people preordering any of these mini-series.
I’m sure people will pick them up from the shelves but I think aside from insights such as
action/adventure (Adamantium Agenda)
horror (Claws of the Killer)
dark romance (Mystery in Madripoor)
noir/detective (Weapon Lost.)

Nothing here really moves the dial for me personally and readers need a hell of a hook to go all in on this.

Would be interested to see what the store owners think and what the purchase requirements are.


That was happening to me, too.


I agree. I might have been up for a single mini or a beginning story in an ongoing. I really liked the Wolverine part of Marvel Legacy and his one page guest spot at the end of the last issue of Captain America. This just seems like flogging a dead horse.


Marvel not learning anything from the complaints of the last few years.

It’s never ending.


On the same day DC announce the end of their current Superman runs with two specials, Marvel go for the biggest attempted money drain via the return of Wolverine.

Do they have no awareness of how this looks?


My guess is “no”.


To be fair, Wolverine has been “dead” for 3 years now. A 17 issue event is barely a 10th of the number of titles he would have starred/ co-starred in over that time. Think of all the money you’ve saved. Don’t you feel lucky now?


My guess is “no”.


He hasn’t been dead though. Old Man Logan is basically the exact same character, only slightly grumpier.


It’s the same people working there who got them into this mess in the first place. Marvel’s going to need much bigger surgery to turn things around I suspect.


But, but, but, he’s a completely different character … :wink:

Edit: I actually like OML. I fear his time in the limelight will soon be over, although I do look forward to the eventual Wolverine vs Old Man Logan mini-series. And its sequel, Wolverine vs Old Man Logan vs All New Wolverine.


I’m still struggling to believe that Old Man Hawkeye is an actual comic.
Twelve issues long when the original OML was eight or nine. Crazy.


I just keep thinking it’s an adaptation of the last couple of series of M * A * S * H


If nothing else, it’ll look good with Checchetto on it.


Wolverine has been away?


For years, man. Years!


He still hangin’ with Alpha Flight?


M * A * S * H is the perfect example of what war does to a body. Over the 3 years the Korean War lasted, Hawkeye appeared to age 11 years!

It’s like reverse Marvel time :thinking:


I don’t want them to fail because of the bigger ramifications for the industry, but they make it very hard to be on their side.


S.H.I.E.L.D. #5-6 are apparently out in May, 7.5 years late.

S.H.I.E.L.D. By Hickman & Weaver #5 & 6

Jonathan Hickman (W) – Dustin Weaver (A)

by Gerald Parel

“JONATHAN HICKMAN & DUSTIN WEAVER’S UNFINISHED EPIC GETS ITS CONCLUSION! Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver’s unfinished epic of 2010-2011 finally gets its conclusion! The Brotherhood of the Shield is made of the likes of Da Vinci, Stark, Tesla and Richards, but they’re in trouble. Sir Issac Newton stands with his foot on the world’s throat and no one can stop him! The battle that decides our present is waged in the future!”