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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


So it’s ‘Transparent Empire’?


I think if we look back on Secret Empire it was very much a case of launching in the wrong political climate.
It had some good stuff (Hank/Ultron issue) however its focus was inconsistent and relied on a few tie-ins to clear things up.
The ending left a lot to be desired with the shoehorned Generations experience which makes zero sense to the story and the ties in were mediocre at best.

However, in another universe, it could have been seen as groundbreaking and challenging the status quo.

But what do I know? :hugs:


This is certainly part of it. Pop culture is sometimes an escape from political reality, sometime a criticism of it. And it’s important to hit the right tone with where people are. Secret Empire was neither - at a time when a large population were questioning their belief in the US you suddenly had a symbol of the US become something terrible.

I think it was a dumb story idea by Marvel, and I think it was badly executed. My guess is they welcomed the controversy to get people to read the book and find out what happens, but it backfired and drive away a significant portion of their readers.


There’s a couple of things to remember about Secret Empire: First, it wasn’t conseived as a line wide crossover. Originally it was only going to run between the two Cap books but then got expanded. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, when it was originally planned the expectation was that Clinton was going to be president and there would be no way to know there would be literal nazis marching in the street.


One thing that was commented on, at the time, by those reading it is that it was, more or less, your standard reality rewritten tale, but Marvel didn’t market it as that.

They marketed it as the actual, really true history of Captain America! And, instead of people looking at that sceptically as marketing bollocks, it was far more perceived as a really crappy, shitty idea that really pissed people off. Marvel reaped an absolute turdnado in response.


Even with Hillary in charge it wouldn’t have made people happy. There was alot of discontent about the state of the country in general and a feeling that the US isn’t what we’ve been promised. I think it was simply a tone deaf pitch. And I think Marvel thought the controversy would get them more readers, but that trick didn’t work this time.


There would have been Nazis marching in the street if Hillary had won. Maybe moreso because they’d be angry.


Yeah, this is my issue with it. The story itself is a compelling one, but to market it as the real Steve/Captain America actually being a Nazi all along is just a slap in the face to the creators and fans. It’s just crap.
The smart and easy thing to respond to all the vitriol would have been “wait and see how it plays out” not “Captain America is a Nazi; a fake version of Cap is a good guy.”


I disagree. I also think if they did march under a Hillary presidency the backlash against them would have been harsher. And I don’t think there are that many neo Nazis out there. At least not enough to make a true impact, other than turning people against them.


Not likely. Spencer, who organized the Charolette march, was specifically inspired by Trump and his victory.

That’s possible but it was still pitched in a very different environment than it was released in and with the expectation of the country being in a completely different place than it ended up being.


Ewing and Espin are both great, so I might try this.


I’m surprised Ryan North didn’t write this, he’s got priors in the choose your own adventure genre


Didn’t Al Ewing do a Judge Dredd one in an annual prog? Whoever wrote that, it was great.


There’s been one or two that I remember from 2000AD in the 80s, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did more since then.





Some interesting thoughts from Bendis on Marvel.

I especially like the sentiment here.

Bendis framed his decision to leave Marvel for DC as “stirring of the pot,” and something the industry needed more of.

“I am of the unpopular belief that DC and Marvel are not in competition. They’re in the same business keeping the medium alive… friendly competition will bring great products,” said Bendis. "“It did feel to me that [the comic book industry] needed some more of this stirring of the pot right now, and if I got off my ass, maybe others will get off their asses which seems to be going on and that makes me happy.”


Isn’t Gerry Duggan still on Deadpool? It rather implies they were willing to either scrap or massively undermine his run in favour of Bendis, which is pretty much what the same crap they pulled on DnA with Nova and Guardians.


Yeah, citation needed.


He is, but he’s been on it for over five years, and is also heading up the cosmic stuff now.