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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I will show you things about yourself that you never wanted to see, Mark.

In 5 issues YOU’LL be dead to you.


I live in Scotland pal I’m already dead to me


We can re-animate you! Let the Irn Bru flow!


Oh. Didn’t you hear?


That’s… very brave of them. :wink:

You’d have thought everyone had learnt from Coke’s example.


Hey now. Coke life was very … um… it was…
F#*k it was awful


And yet Fanta, Lilt, Tango, Dr Pepper and many others in the UK have changed their recipe to use sweeteners as well as sugar and most people didn’t notice.


checks to make sure I’m not accidentally posting using Mark’s account


After a couple of months gap to build up material I read a few more issues of the two Bendis Iron Man books (Riri and Doom), they really are very good. It may not be commercially the biggest but creatively I think the current Marvel stuff from Bendis is the best in a decade. DC should count themselves lucky.


Spoilers for Phoenix Resurrection: The Return Of Jean Grey




I wonder how many news sites have accidentally released prewritten In Memoriam stories about “The Man”



That doesn’t actually look too bad. That looks like a team that might actually gel. The art isn’t too shabby either.


I found the writing a little worrying at first. A group of gun wielding humans trying to murder a child is a bit ridiculously extreme even for the x-men but Jeans comment that things aren’t what they seem gives me hope that it’s part of a larger plot.


That’s literally the opening scene of God Loves, Man Kills!


The girl’s parents were involved too. So it seemed like some form of mind control was involved.


Apparently he’s OK


I’ll get worried when he’s closer to Bilbo’s record.


I’m really digging this book and it only sounds like it’s going to get better.