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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


This is an awesome analogy.


Yeah, I wish more comic book retailers were like Blastoff or Meltdown comics here in Los Angeles. You’ll find a few like that from Northridge to Culver City, but the majority are really detrimental to the promotion of comics as something fun to get into and they have been for decades now. There is one shop I used to go in Sherman Oaks to that was quite good at generating heat and a good feeling, but they also were a Manga, Anime, Toy and Games shop. Every year, the section of the shop devoted to American comics and TPBs continued to shrink until now they are really not a comics shop and are more of a Toys and Games place.

A big part of that, I think, is the sort of culture that a lot of the comics shops created which was marred by negative attitudes and probably reflected in the crappy business practices LCS have been subjected to. Reading some of the retailer stories, it’s hard to see how a shop owner can be enthusiastic about the books when the publisher and distributor are screwing them.


Kind of but in another sense also pretty great he’s being rated highly enough again to be poached. Also if Marvel seem to care about talent again that will up the games of both.


It sounds like you have the right idea, Rob. Sadly, a lot of the stores I’ve been to haven’t had the same mindset. In my experience, the size of the store doesn’t seem to matter. I’ve been in huge, well stocked stores where it seems like staff weren’t interested and I’ve been in small hole in the wall shops where the staff was incredibly engaged.

I was in the coffee business for 12 years and there can be a similar lack of customer service in some shops. I stop going to those shops and choose the ones with good staff.


I’ve never understood why Christopher Priest isn’t more popular At his worst he’s still a solid writer, at his best he’s as good as ayone out there. I’ll always give a book he’s writing a look.


By most accounts (and his own admission) he can be difficult to work with.


I need to be taken away to a secure facility and scream angrily in the darkness at some of the stuff I read today.

Some of this stuff is just a plain cash grab.
Stretching stories to 5 or 6 issues when stories could easily be told in 20-40 pages theres no excuse.

I thought I was being pragmatic previously about some of this stuff over the last few months but honestly at the price tags that are being thrown out and the quality of the creative teams that are being used I can unequivocally say that some editors are either straight out taking the piss or are focused on hitting targets rather than telling good stories.

Sorry for the rant I just needed to get it out.
I won’t name books or teams as Im not a total tool but I get it now.
I get the frustrations that people are having.

I want value for ££ and right now Im not getting it where I want to.

Hopefully this will change over the next few months


It gets said here a lot, but Marvel Unlimited can be your friend. You just have to let go of being up-to-date. It’s a lot easier to not be pissed about Furher Cap six months later for pennies on the dollar.


Oh I have Unlimited.
Just love me a good Hardcover.

OKAY now Im getting my threads mixed up. Apologies.

but yeah unlimited is good but I like my Wednesday shop and I will always try to have the real thing in my hands. But Marvel isn’t making it easy.

Furher Cap never bothered me actually. Theres a lot of story in Secret Empire.


But you also have to wait to see how great Cap is right now beyond a glimpse at an editor’s computer screen. :wink:


Marvel’s current paperback trades are an insult and eyesore, but there is a Panini trade of the Waid-Samnee Cap that I’ll likely bag.


I think it’s fair to name books to be honest

You are the sort of guy who will balance out the good and bad comments, so it’s not like you are just constantly ripping stuff

I get where you are coming from but think that these conversations should cover the good and bad as long as the bad is not just dismissive.

Of course, it’s totally up to you so I don’t mean to push you to saying stuff you don’t want to.


It looks glorious in digital. :wink:


I’m actually really enjoying it. It gets a little all over the place, but on the whole, I like the story. I still feel like they fell into a right story, wrong time trap because of the state of the nation at the time.


Mark this better not be in reference to me b/c I squeezed as much story as humanly possible into MY contribution to the week! :smile:


Deniz “Decompression” Camp




Unf. Now I’m going to have to buy two copies of Demons.


Ha! Yours is still on the way to me!

No I’m referring to a few ongoings and a mini. Very frustrating.

Avengers No surrender is good fun though.

But seriously you have 5 issues or your dead to me.


It’s the only way to restore balance to the Denizverse.