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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


This is the cliché and the received wisdom, but having lived there I found that day-to-day the service was generally very good indeed, especially for the local shops and services that communities are built around (bakers, pharmacies, bars, convenience stores, market stalls and the like).


To continue the derail, there’s a corner shop in my neighbourhood who’s owner is legendary in Dublin for her surliness. I went in a couple of times shortly after we moved in, and was complained towards by her for not buying enough, and lied to about the existence of a particular type of tag for bin bags. So I stopped going, until a couple of weeks ago where I needed something quickly, and her ship was right across the road. I then got complained at for not buying local. If I wasn’t in a hurry I’d have pointed out I buy local all the time, just not from her.

I’m honestly amazed she has any customers, but I do see people in there talking to her a lot.


Its an apt dertail though Lorcan :wink:
basically all we want is for everyone to be nice and to treat each other fairly.

Oh and provide a stable and workable peace plan for Jerusalem.

We don’t ask for much


I have no problem with grumpy customer service. I’m buying something, not looking for a new best friend. As long as they can actually help when you need it, they can be as eye-rolling as they like.


It’s true, but don’t let the secret out. We don need even more people moving here than we already have.


Well, tech progress has never really stopped - colouring has really benefited from that, but Marvel look to have been pushing it and particularly where Larocca is concerned.

The problem is using digital colouring well is a skill like any other and I don’t think the skill level is there. If you get someone like Stejpan Sejic going to work on digital colouring, you’ll get something utterly excellent but he acquired that ability over time. I doubt Marvel allows the time needed due to how they’re shoving the books out. After all Marvel started the double-shipping.


They banned smoking in restaurants and bars in france years ago didn’t they? I’ve found paris service has changed a lot, since i first started going there, though I’ve never been in a french comic shop.

I did buy some x-men translations in the late 80s in the hope I’d learn to read french. But, comme ci comme ça, ya know.


Last time I was there was 2008 and every restaurant stank of smoke. And rude staff.


I’ve been 3 times since 2008 and the staff were generally rude as fuck


I was in London in December and was shocked at how bad the service generally was. Though ironically it did seem like a large portion of the wait staff in restaurant were all French.


Eh I’ve been surprised for over a decade that specialized CB retailers still exist. I think they’re bad for the industry overall, but besides that, here’s the thing: If retailers haven’t been able to adapt to modern times, then sadly they should go out of business.

I’m sure Marvel’s practises are shit, but then again, they’re only that because they’re allowed to keep getting away with them (which goes back to my “retailers are bad for the industry” argument).


The CG looking art wasn’t to my liking at all. I will check out some of Mr Garvey’s work though my comics love stems from DC and Marvel characters. The current output is clearly not for me though. Coupled with truly optimistic pricing has seen me out of the hobby.

I appreciate many of you on this forum know each other. I say this as my earlier contribution about a trip to Forbidden Planet was swiftly merged in to this thread.

This site has too many gargantuan threads running at the same time. Mods would do better keeping the thread size manageable. MM doesn’t seem to contribute so much here either which is a shame.


If you sorta miss Marvel comics - I don’t know if you are a tablet user - but marvel Unlimited at $69 a year is an amazing bargain. All you can eat from comics 6 months+ old, there are gaps in the classic runs, but they are getting smaller.

The app used to be real buggy but its got a lot better. (it really didn’t like the on and off wifi at tube platforms) but I’ve not had to reinstall it in months (which used to be the solution).

Pick that up and catch up on the recent Jason Arron’s Thor (the colours are fabby!), Gillen’s Star Wars comics. the recent Vision series was totes out there.

If you have been away for a long while, then drop back and read Gillen’s Journey into Mystery and Young Avengers. There’s recent classics like Iron Fist and Hawkeye also…


Much like the comics industry itself, you can just jump into a thread already in progress and get the jist pretty quickly. Not everything needs to be a #1.

Mr Millar is busy building his empire, but just started a thread 20 minutes ago and generally is skimming threads every couple of days.


To survive as a cb retailer you have to be knowledgeable, helpful and most of all approachable. People don’t come in because you’re cheaper (that’s pretty much impossible) they come in for the experience, and to feel they are in a place where they can talk about their hobby, learn about new books and generally tell you their life story. The bartender analogy upthread is very apt.

I’m sorry that some feel we shouldn’t exist, or that we somehow have the ability to get Marvel to change their ways. Believe me, I wish their attitude was more posititve. If you survived the late 90s you probably know what you’re doing, but knowing what you are doing doesn’t protect you from what is increasingly becoming an indiferent or downright hostile supplier. You can be the kung-fu master of comics retailing, but machine gun fire is going to kill you.

I’ve spent the last 5-10 years working very hard to promote alternative books - calling it an uphill struggle is putting it mildly. When people want Coke, it’s hard to get them to change to Dr Pepper, even if Coke have changed the formula!


It’s a Bleeding Cool article, so take with a fistful of salt:


As much as Bleeding Cool is bullshit if they report someone else via Twitter, with photos, saying Christopher Priest was there then I guess he was.

All their sources are spent now so the site is just cutting and pasting social media.


Whereas I prefer Dr. Pepper (well, Diet Dr Pepper, to be honest). And I don’t read Marvel anymore.


Crossover Time!

Turns out Dr. Pepper, Snapple and Keurig are merging.
It’s all New Diet Coke now.


Ill be really disappointed if DC have lost Priest again