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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


The comic shops in Glasgow were dire for a long time. I abandoned them for Ivor even before I moved away from the city. Sorry to hear he’s not involved anymore, he was already great.

I’m very happy to be digital only now. I go into the London comic shops to find random quirky things now, and really like the two I use most often - but am quite glad I don’t have to rely on them on a weekly basis any more.


This might be one for the trades thread rather than here idk. But I’ve been thinking about what recent Marvel runs would make for good omnis. Personally I’d like to see big fat slabs of Kelly Sue Deckonnick’s Capt Marvel and Slott & Allred’s Silver Surfer, and an OHC of Walker & Greene’s Power Man And Iron First (don’t think 15 issues is long enough for an omni).


Slott’s Silver Surfer is a good shout.

Did Aaron’s Thor get an omnibus yet? Seems like an obvious candidate.

Going back to slightly older stuff, I’m still waiting for a JMS/JRjr Amazing Spider-Man omni and a Nocenti/JRjr Daredevil (although the fact it’s currently coming out in Epics might make that a bit unlikely).


Funny you should mention A1.
Thats my regular. I originally picked it purely for parking as I can drive in and get out but I have struck up a good relationship with their main comic book guys (can’t be that good as I forget his name :frowning: )

It’s certainly more of a toy store than a comic store but currently the guys there ` pretty decent.

But as you say customer service is key. Every one who comes through your door could be a potential Wednesday warrior and should be treated equally.

Good staff are hard to come by in any industry but I think comic shop staff are the equivalent of a good bar tender but without the tips. You get to understand the customer base. offer recommendations increase their pull list and ultimately keep the store profitable and yourself in a job.


Yeah it seems weird there’s been no Aaron Thor omni yet. You’d have thought they’d do a God Of Thunder one now, and then a JaneThor omni when that’s all done. With it being such a popular series I expect that’ll happen soon.

There’s no omni for Nocenti or Bendis’ DD runs, which is odd as they’re two of the best and he’s having a bit of a heyday with the TV series and whatnot. I think Bendis will follow the current Brubaker omnis maybe next year, and I wouldn’t count out Nocenti getting on either, seeing as we’ve seen Ultimate Collections of quite a few things which have had omnis only 2 or 3 years later.


There are definitely two Bendis Daredevil omnibuses. They’re both on my shelf. :slight_smile:

They could do with a reprint though, like the Brubaker ones just had.

Yeah, they also brought out a classic DD Silver Age omni collecting the first 40 or so issues, at the same time as those stories were being reprinted in Epics. So it’s impossible to be sure about these things. I hope Nocenti gets one.


Strangely nope.

Instead it’s:

2x Thor: God of Thunder then 2x Thor

Nice and easy, I don’t know how anyone could not follow that - I mean it’s only Vol 1, Vol 2, then Vol 1, Vol 2 with an event inbetween, Original Sin, that is minimally covered.


For too long have good honest citizens who can’t count past 2 been excluded from comics. Good on Marvel for changing that.


So the thing I would say is that it was a long time ago and it could be completely differently people working there now.

I’d say it was about 10 - 12 years ago I gave up on them


Oh of course absolutely . Apologies I didn’t mean to insinuate that you were talking about the current guys.

And absolutely agree with your decision to leave the stores the way you were treated.

The UK in general has appalling customer service.

I think stories like yours are an indictment on the retail industry as a whole especially when stores in the high st around the country are shutting left and right.

In this digital age stores need to try harder to foster relationships with their customers otherwise they will continue to buy everything online.


Depends which part of the UK, but yeah. Shitty staff is just another marker of poor management, but then comic stores can’t pay very much so they’re not going to have many good options. The customers too can be tough, I’m sure it’s off putting for regular retail people.

I think it’s an industry where you need passion for the product, that makes you put up with the fountains of bullshit coming at you from every angle. I can’t imagine anyone choosing to work in comics in some way because they think it’s a great place to work.


I’ve drifted into digital. Not cos my shop is crap, quite the opposite. Gosh is a lovely place to shop. However life changes and I don’t spend my weekends in Central London much these days

I see no point in buying marvel comics, when they are on unlimited 6 months later if i don’t pick them up for a few months.

(Image I can buy direct or via comicology and I can download and build my own digital omnibuses every year or two. Manga, has died mostly but I’m trying a few on comixology - no simple download though.
The rest. Well its Uber).

The ones I was buying via paper were the Bendis Icon titles and Alias, but not for long.
(Oh and Saga cos that’s just so much fun)


Time Warp Comics was on Main when I moved here. The staff were cool, although usually busy (big footprint, lots of dusting - we do have a dust problem here). Time Warp closed down and consolidated in Boulder - haven’t been there. (I avoid Boulder.) Brian opened Cabin Fever Comics which was my second home for a while. They closed but he and his wife are still my buddies, and Brian is working at RMNP. Out in Loveland is Grand Slam Comics and Sports Cards, and Jason and I became friends almost instantly. His brother Kevin and i get along, but he had open heart surgery last year and has done a lot of business from home. It’s funny, but I kind of think of comics people as “my peeps” - and they have to behave well. I have memories of the early dank shops with the troll owners, and have had words for them. Nowadays I really don’t think there is much room for off-putting comics shops. That seems to reek of mortality. Definitely a service-oriented hobby, and better to have enthusiastic idiots than snobby narcissists as clerks.


Oh I agree with you Jim most comic shops in the UK are pretty good overall.
I was saying retail and customer service in general across all types of stores in the UK is pretty poor.

Also agree with you on Passion.
Passion can make the long days go quicker and the small financial rewards worth while.


I don’t know if folks here want to have a UK culture discussion or not. The US is pretty stellar with their customer service, and you don’t really need to train staff as it’s kind of expected. People are nice to each other, whereas in the UK there’s always the underlying insinuation of getting lamped if you ask the wrong questions. In most British retail the customer is an inconvenience.


And yet the Brit clerks live? How? Even convenience store clerks here know people are likely in a bad mood and heavily armed. Could that be a difference?


no tips and a minimum wage


Most customer facing staff in the UK are fine and some are grumpy. I don’t mind it at all. I do quite like an outwardly not giving a shit staff member though, there’s a lady in my local Superdrug who doesn’t even look you in the face, and huffs at you as you make your purchase, and robotically recites mandated sales spiel every single time. I go in there and buy razors, for my face which is naturally hairy with me being a man, and she’ll always do her whole carry-on about lipstick and mascara offers before I can tell her I just want to pay for my razors. She’s an inspiration figure to me and I value our every interaction.

You can make some generalisations by outlet though; coffee shop staff are almost always perky, non-chain pub staff are almost always offish to non-regulars, supermarket self service checkouts usually keep their emotions buried deep but are prone to bouts of withering sarcasm.


It’s always impossible to generalise about these things, but I think on balance the best customer service I’ve had over the years has tended to be in mainland Europe, where service seems to be mostly fairly swift and efficient without much in the way of rudeness or surliness, and also without overdoing the faux-friendliness and unashamed upselling.

It feels like a happy medium between the often underwhelming UK standard (which I think most people here would acknowledge is an issue) and the have-a-nice-day US style which can often seem insincere and a bit over-the-top.


I think if you grew up in Britain any respond beyond ‘whathafuckyuwant?’ feels insincere and over-the-top. From my trips to France I found them to be rude as fuck, but then dining in France isn’t much fun with all the smoking. French Canadians are the worst though. And the southern US states are the best by far.

I can’t really speak to the service in the UK these days so I don’t know how much it has changed. Norn Iron is top notch as most everyone knows everyone else.