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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Limited Edition?!?



Now that my whole collection is in Scotland I’m filling the gaps from the past 8 years where I bought mostly digital.
Aside from the uncanny xforce Omnibus there are some great bargains out there


Oh the bloody digital code expired 11/7/13 bullshit.



I ran into something similar when I tried to redeem the digital code in my Man of Steel soundtrack vinyl. The download sight wasn’t even active anymore.


Why have an expiration date??? Ridiculous.


I’ll be fair to it - AvX #6 was awesome (Hickman’s issue)


agreed and also :wink: for your edit


Because… Marvel.

It’s getting to the point where I am trying to talk myself out of buying their books - they have some great stuff being done, even now, but they have the crappiest attitude and I don’t want to reward that.

It is well within their ability to change this, but less than two years ago DC were in deep crap - they turned that around, in large part, due to an attitude adjustment and Rebirth. There’s nothing stopping Marvel… Except Marvel.


My day job is in sales and easiest way to reward customers is by acknowledging loyalty and fostering a relationship with them.

Marvels customers are comic book stores.

We are merely their consumers.

If the relationship with stores isn’t healthy ultimately it will come through to the consumer regardless of the quality of the books.

Marvel needs to foster their relationships with stores and create ambassadors who will do their job for them which is selling books.

From the conversations a lot of store owners have been stating publicly this doesn’t seem to be happening.
Acknowledgement of issues and taking ownership of them is a start but solutions need to be put in place which will create an environment that fosters trust, reliability and ultimately a business partnership to grow the industry as a whole.

They have good books but they need to remove hurdles and offer solutions.


I think one of the issues is that stores aren’t Marvel’s direct customers. Diamond sits in the middle of that relationship. So Marvel generally has no direct involvement and stores order from Diamond.


I’m not really in the loop for the whole system but doesn’t marvel set the targets for exclusive covers and variants?

Even if the supply chain has various restrictions against a company they should be fighting tooth and nail to see that the retailers have a product that they can sell through and keep a sustainable business.


Yes. That part is set by Marvel but there is very little opportunity for shops to interact directly with Marvel unless Marvel chooses to open that line of communication.


Diamond are in the middle like UPS are in the middle. They’re meaningless. Publishers know which stores are ordering what and have the ability to reach out to stores.

It should be pointed out that for as shitty as Marvel are, lots of comics stores are shitty businesses with people in charge that aren’t fit for the role. It’s not an industry where very many people get rich. Not with the cyclic nature of comics (we’re in 1998 right now).


True. I draw a lot of parallels with the hospitality industry so many shitty pubs out there


Okay out of curiosity I picked up Marvel Avengers infinity war prelude and well yeah its basically the last half of civil war, but what got me was continuity errors.
A comic based on a Movie and stuff like this happens.

I would of been super pissed about this as a kid but now it doesn’t surprise me.
Cmon guys not hard.


Interesting. Except for the porno background music




It was actually the HC, so…a pretty penny out of pocket like that. Dang Marvel.


I’m still surprised Vision even got OHC’d with King going off to DC - there’s a real petty side to the big two. (DC have sometimes pulled the same crap.)


I guess the benefits of having such a popular and successful book on the shelves in a single volume outweighed the petty factor in this case.