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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I still prefer JRJR’s art in the 80s X-Men run to his modern style. And the fashion has a lot to do with that.


Lemire is doing some fantastic superhero stuff at Dark Horse (Black Hammer, Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil).


Yeah, Black Hammer has been superb, one of the best books being published just now.

Sherlock Frankenstein has also been an interesting expansion of that world, although I don’t enjoy it quite as much.


The art by David Rubin on Sherlock Frankenstein really clicked for me and elevated the book. I’m looking forward to Doctor Star (and they’re at least acknowledging that it seems to be a very specific Robinson/Harris Starman homage by naming the lead Jimmy Robinson).


His peak for me was the Daredevil run which is a bit inbetween. I like artists that evolve but I always have a soft spot for the way he did fashion. Almost every Marvel artist at the time was really beholden to his dad and did this generic pants and shirt for every character in civvies.

JR Jr was full on into getting skinny belts and shoulder pads and whatever nonsense was cool at the time. It really stood out against so many books that seemed stuck in 1968.


My Marvel trade buy strategy tends to go:

  • Is it in OHC?
  • No, is it Panini paperback?
  • No, do I really want this?

Only exceptional cases make it through stage 3. Generally stuff there’s an emotional connection to, so Cable.


i am hovering over a buy now for for X-Sanction Trade for completist reason buuuuut it kinda blows


11.34 …sigh… why not



Sometimes I buy comics that I’m that excited about too.


I almost bought it in ComiXology not long ago. I remember liking the art but being underwhelmed by the story. I’m not sure if I ever finished it.


Let me break it down
weird resolution.


That does sound pretty cool. :sunglasses:


Does it end with Cable in some weird stasis tank and lead into AvX or something? Maybe I did finish it.




And his shriveled arm without the tecnoorganic virus eventually came out of this?


I was all up for this after what Mark said about it, but now? Not so much.


Yup. Which of course led to larocca X-force giant robot arm

Which led to Si Spurrier having him being blown up, contract a killer virus, losing his shrivelled arm , put in a coma, and made daily clones of himself till he was cured


Which led to Fabian tidying it all up and reseting him with a normal robot arm and no T/O virus


Which led to Gerry Duggan having him join Uncanny Avengers
Where Duggan took him over to Deadpool and told the best Cable story in years

which brings us to this which I have no idea where it fits but I do know that the numbers don’t add up to 150


And now buy… AvX (wherein the Avengers take a massive dump on the X-Men and then, by virtue of crapping on the mutant scum from a great height, win the war.)


I never read AvX. I’ve flirted with just picking up the main book in trade as I love Olivier Coipel. I’m really anticipating his new book with @Mark_Millar, Magic Order.


Oh you mean this that arrived in the mail this morning?