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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Coates is taking over Captain America???


bleeding cool rumour before legacy sooo make of that what you will.




Waid/Samnee only did 12 issues of Black Widow; I could see this being something similar.


I would be fine with that especially if they have time to tell their story. 12 issues is hardly a fill-in.

Like I hinted before, they’ve already redeemed him from Secret Empire in 3 issues.


12 issues is hardly a fill in?!

I remember the days when 12 issues was a maxi-series.

Everyone’s got commitment issues these days.


It’s been a looooooooong time since 12 issues wasn’t a significant run. :wink:


You calling me Meadows, Ronnie? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep. You have to decide whether it’s a compliment or insult in this instance. :wink:


This is a long Twitter post by retailer, Nick Rowe about his experiences with Marvel ordering. It’s an interesting take.


Wow. I get frustrated just reading that. What he says about their attitude to trades is just bonkers.


I have to agree with everything he says. Marvels attitude has stunk really badly over the last few years. I’ve cut back my ordering because of the constant reboots (I barely up an order for a relaunch these days) and Marvels trade policy is horribly cynical. If the industry dies it will be Marvel that kills it. If you guys saw the ridiculous “incentive” levels you’d see why a number of retailers don’t even bother.

There’s Capitalism, and making a buck, and then there’s ripping people off and blaming the guy lower down the chain (retailers and customers) for sales slumps.


Other than that I would say the Axel Alonso tenure was a success.



I’m perfectly fine with the sliding timeline as long as they are good stories. In fact, I think it works better than having everything start in the 60’s. I kinda like that Reed and Doom are about my age now though.


The sliding timeline is the only one that makes sense and you just have to ignore that Peter Parker met the Beatles, Xavier fought in the Korean war or Wolfsbane was a massive fan of Tom Selleck and Magnum PI when she was 13.

You can reboot all the time but as DC have show they are always too scared to go through with it completely. Just manage it as well as you can and wave away the rest.


And Kitty Pryde dressed like this around 10-12 years ago:


There’s a lot of that with the X-Men, especially under the JRJr era where he was really into 80s fashion.


Wait a few years and it’ll all be back in fashion again.


Ya. I kind of prefer this method where it’s not a big deal and they don’t feel the need to overly explain it or publish a distinct timeline. They just did something similar with Captain America that reset when he came out of the ice.