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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Osborne winning after Secret Invasion was the most lasting, pervasive version of the bad guy taking the reigns I’ve seen in my lifetime. A year or so of the bad guys having not only won, but dominating the plublic perception in order to do so.

Reminds me of something…


He’s a good guy these days.


I actually liked Dark Reign. There were some good comics that came out of that. Of course, Marvel over-saturated the market with “too much of a good thing” that I hated it all by the time it finished.



Yeah pretty much, and honestly it was pretty good… So, instead of using 40 wolverines, how about bringing back Doom 2099?or make current Doom go into a similar direction… I mean it seems to be what Bendis was going for (more or less) with his Iron Doom thingie (don’t really know, didn0t read it tho)…


Ahem. David Michelinie in 1987.


(I realise some of the figures on that cover might be unfamiliar to some of you kids. So, to explain: Iron Man used to be a man, Wasp used to be a woman, Captain America used to be a hero…)


They should really do something with Starfox… Well, they have, but more I mean… =P

Oh and with Wonder Man.


They should totally replace Wonder Man with a woman.

I’ve even though of a good name they could use… :wink:


How about punch girl?


Mrs Wow


DDark reign was great till Bendis tried to redefine / explain the sentry (still have no idea what happened there)

That whole era could of had another 2 years milked our of it no problem


They did that too with with Dark Reign.

Edit: It looks like @Patrick beat me to it. DC also did a for a bit with Lex Luthor winning the Presidency.

Mark Waid’s Empire was basically an unused Dr. Doom story along these lines, wasn’t it?

Are you not reading Captain America right now??? It’s the best the solo book has been in a very long time. It’s a different flavor and time will tell but it might best Brubaker’s run.


I’m very heartened to hear this. I’m tradewaiting but it’s good to know that it lives up to the Waid & Samnee standard of quality.


It’s actually been pretty great in singles as the first three issues have been kind of done-in-ones. It’s everything you could ask for in a superhero comic.

The only time I remember that Hydra Cap even existed is in the synopsis at the beginning of the issue. If this book doesn’t sell like crazy, there is something wrong with comic fandom and they really are hypocritical moaners.


I’m waiting to see how long it goes before being bogged down into a crossover with charatcers and stories I have no interest in.

If it manages a trade’s worth before that, I might get the trade :slight_smile:


So Mark has now given them three full blown franchises between Ultimates, Marvel Zombies, and Old Man Logan?


You know, all the years I’ve had that comic and I’ve only just realised how stupidly Wasp is standing.

It’s like she’s in the wrong team…


If it’s not cancelled from or forced into a crossover to boost sales from lack of interest… :wink:


There’s still an open rumour that their run is only a stop gap before Coates takes over.