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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


True. The Busiek and Wood runs at Dark Horse were amazing, but other runs have been less interesting.

That being said, we all know Aaron’s got a great Conan run in him, yes :wink:


Especially with Ribic.


As long as it’s not longer than three years.


So, they’ll get X issues out of a top-name artist who hasn’t done that in years if ever. Follow them up with perhaps 2-3 more. Then stick Larocca on it, forever? :wink:


Conan news super interesting.
Especially since I was delving into the Marvel Time lines which include the Hyborian and Thurian Age’s.

on another note did anyone read OLD MAN HAWKEYE???
I completely forgot about it


Same here

Publisher not really a big deal to me. It’s wholly dependent on the creatives.

I’d argue that Conan has just come from a publisher which treats its IPs better than Marvel anyway.

Same RE Star Wars.

However Marvel does have access to a wider market it seems


I loved Busiek’s run too and agree about the others. Marvel should be able to throw some big talent on this. Fingers crossed.


Yeah, while the overall quality of the Star Wars comics is higher, the scope is much narrower. I feel that some of the charm has definitely been lost there.


If it means a massive Conan dump in Unlimited then I’m all for it

That didn’t come out the way I meant…


Massive Conan dumps rarely do.


I suspect it’ll be released in blocks that line up neatly with Masterworks or Epic collections.


I wonder if they’re getting the rights to other REH characters like Kull, Solomon Kane, and Bran Mak Morn. Dark Horse didn’t do enough with them when they had the license.


Finished reading Original Sin, the main mini- series by Jason Aaron & Mike Deodato Jr.

It was a pretty decent event book, overall. The whodunnit angle was well done, and the character dynamics enjoyable. Aaron continues to show his affection for Morrison, picking up on little used characters from Marvel Boy.

However, it’s really, really difficult seeing the likes of Frank Castle and Nick Fury in the middle of these cosmic stories now. The more grounded, brutal Max versions of these characters have spoilt them for me.

The #0 issue by Waid and Cheung had little to do with the rest of the series, but was a really enjoyable Nova one shot. Excellent.

The Annual, written by Latour, however, wasn’t.


How many titles have actually been cancelled since Cebulski came on? Is he the one canceling them or were they already on the block?

So, where is the place to start with Marvel now? What is the title on the stands or coming out soon that delivers the new direction?


Isn’t the Legacy initiative with the return to the old numbering supposed to be a jumping on point? There’s also an Infinity Stone coming up so after that maybe?

I asked the owner of my LCS how his Marvel sales have been. He said they are continuing to drop. They are selling at DC levels. He said DC sales spiked with Rebirth but have dropped some and stabilized.


Jesus Christmas, LCS owners are talking about DC and Marvel like they are cancer patients now.


To be fair it’s a pretty accurate comparison.


Comic shops are hospices for the industry.


Essentially though, this usually means “interesting times” in the ancient Chinese sense of the term. Marvel has never achieved more than when it was at death’s door. Desperation has been the driving force for the publisher’s best work since the days of Stan Lee.


The difference between now and other times is that now Marvel is not at death’s door. It’s owned by Disney and makes a couple billion dollars in box office a year for them. The sales of its monthly newsstand comics that are plummeting, but the company’s back is not to the wall at all, and there is no need to get desperate or creative to get out of the hole.