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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I didn’t say that. And neither does the article. It says, he’s been accused and denies it. That’s literally the extend of what’s been reported and what people are saying.

What I did say is that usually the most proof you get in these cases is someone backs the accusers story in some way. (Which again, does seem to be the case here since the company they work for deemed it believable enough that they ended their relationship with him.)

Particularly because it includes assault in the category, which often can be proven but also because while sexual harassment often can’t be proven definitively, claims can be said to be reputable, usually because their backed by other accounts.


Not being a statistician, I’m not sure of how it’s exactly worked out, it’s from a US Department of Justice report that RAINN cited


Nice job Marvel. You really know your comics are bad when people would rather talk about rape.


Thor is still pretty good…


Talking of which, from what you can tell is this big upcoming issue the end of an arc or of Aaron’s run entirely?

I suspect the former, but there seem to be major changes at Marvel so it could be the latter.

Wondered what the view looks like if you’re up-to-date with the book.


Captain America is pretty incredible as well. Waid and Samnee are the perfect team. So far it’s been 3 kind of done-in-one stories with the last one involving Kraven the Hunter. I never knew I wanted a Cap vs Kraven story but I’m glad I got it.


I’m OHC waiting that. It is inevitable.


An interesting point on that run of Captain America. I was listening to the iFanboy review show and one of the group is a massive Cap fan, read pretty much every issue and it’s his favourite character.

He’s convinced the book is mostly Samnee, that Waid is plotting and Samnee is drawing and scripting as the Cap voice is quite different to Waid’s previous runs. It wasn’t said as a criticism as they made that Kraven issue their ‘pick of the week’.

How is it credited in the book?


Did their Black Widow run ever get an OHC?


I seem to remember the credits for the Black Widow run giving Samnee some kind of writing/story credit alongside Waid, so it’s quite possible they’re sharing the writing elements on Cap too.


They’re both “Storytellers” (they did the same on Black Widow too).


Here’s the credits from the most recent issue.


So it’s quite possible. I spoke to Waid at a con shortly after Black Widow #1 came out. I complimented him and Samnee on the issue to which he said it was all Samnee.

I’ve not read Waid’s other Cap work. So I’m not sure I know what his Cap voice sounds like but I really like this one.


You really should read his earlier stuff, Ronnie. It’s my fave Captain America work. I’d recommend Captain America #444 - #454, and the Man Out Of Time mini-series.


Not as yet, but Marvel do seem to be taking their time on these now.

There’s just over a year between Vision Vol 2 tpb and the OHC edition that has just come out.

The Black Widow Vol 2 tpb was May 2017, so maybe in Sept-Dec this year. I’d be surprised if they don’t do one, given the team. For that team Marvel have done both OHC and Omnibus on Daredevil.


That makes sense. I’m hoping they do. Like Vision I read it digitally but would shell out for an OHC.


All the work with Ron Garney was my absolute favorite Cap of the era.



Ooo. That sounds interesting.


For me it will depend on the creative team. I loves me some Conan but I’d only shell out the cash if the creative team interests me.


Exactly but just think what Marvel did for Star Wars when it moved over from Dark Horse and remember that they’re paying for this license.