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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Well, I mean “stellar” and “impecable” are not two of the words I’d use to describe Stan Lee’s reputation… But I do hope he doesn’t turn out to be an old perv… although at that age, eh…


Is it wrong that I’m willing to give him leeway (if these are just recent acts) because of his age and the loss of his wife last year?


Fuck Bleeding Anus for reporting that story. It just shows what a shite website it is. Honestly it doesn’t deserve any of your traffic. I’ll dance the day it finally shuts down.


It was originally a Daily Mail story, another publication I am sure you love.


Yeah, BC are hardly the only place reporting it and, whether the allegations are true or not, it is newsworthy. And their story, with most others, is built around Lee’s response to it, rather than the allegations themselves, and it’s important to get that out there.
This is the front page of CBR right now:


I’m done with cbr.
Unfollowed in all forms of media.


I’m surprised they didn’t go with “Top 10 Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Stan Lee”.


No, no. It would be “Top 10 Outrageously Sexy Misconduct Allegations Against Stan Lee”.


“Hottest” needs to be in there somewhere, I think.


No, it would be “10 Outrageously wrong assaults carried out by Stan Lee (and 7 that were oh so right!)”


This will probably put Stan Lee in his grave.

Well done to all involved in reporting and perpetuating the yet unsubstantiated allegations.

How about this stuff gets reported when it’s proven rather than fuckin conjecture?

There’s a novel idea.


Ya. They’ve almost become a BC repeater site now.


It could well be. I don’t want to be too forgiving just because I have loved so much of his work over the years but on the evidence given it could be a man of very advanced age going a little doolally. The original article goes on to say how he’s been defrauded twice in the last year to the tune of $1.15m by people around him.

I’ll reserve full judgement based on how it pans out and from less sensationalist sources.


Any old fart (and, yeah, sadly I think I can speak for some old farts) can be friendly and appropriate; but the casual touching and oft-used diminutives (“Honey”, “Sweetie” and such) can be very easily misinterpreted in a paranoid environment as something more sinister. I don’t buy it.

Geriatrics are funny/odd. Just due to all the physical stuff, a fairly rational and well-behaved old coot can act all weird for about five minutes, reconstitute and be fine for the rest of life. It’s called an aberration. They happen, to everyone, no matter the age. Nurses who work with the elderly should be aware of this and empathetic. In other words, watch out for the random grab-ass! Oh, this is not sexual or sexually biased at all! Old men grab at any old ass, and old women grab at any old ass. The trick is not to leave your own ass in grabbing range. If you don’t know that, if you can’t cope with that without suing some poor demented old coot, learn the phrase “Would you like fries with that?”


Many of the creators and entertainers we looked up to in the turned out to be groping perverts and worse.

Sure let this multi-millionare salesman and storyteller the benefit of the doubt, but spare a thought for how sexual assault suffers are treated when they call it out.


Call it out to the right places not to the media

If he’s innocent he’s still going to die from the stress of this. Trust me.

As soon as you are called out on something like this you are treated like you are guilty and hounded by the media.

Even if you are proven innocent questions are still asked.

This is the business of no-one, not you, not me, not the public, until hes proven guilty of something.

This will send an old man who has recently lost his wife, to his grave, probably within the year, regardless of whether he is guilty or not.

Women are not alone in not reporting sexual assault by the way. But when they say ‘people don’t believe us’ who are they referring to as ‘people’? It should be reported to the correct authority, whether that’s police, HR or whatever - not taken to trial on social media by a bunch of cunts who know nothing about what went on.

And just because he’s multi millionaire doesn’t mean he has no feelings. Your emotional capacity is not governed by the amount of money you do or don’t have.


How exactly do you prove someone guilty of sexual harassment beyond saying, ‘he sexually harassed me’? The article says that the company backs the nurses claims and ended their contract with him, that’s usually as close as one gets to proving that the sexual harassment is real.

His reps claim he’s being blackmailed because real sexual harassment victims would have gone to the police, despite that often not being the case, and despite the fact that as a victim of blackmail they don’t seem to have gone to the police either.

EDIT: I’m not saying he definitely is guilty. But the idea of “proving” definitively that he’s guilty is basically next to impossible and the idea that the press should hold off on reporting a story until that happens is completely unrealistic.


Why is it all over the news?


You’re judging the guy and you know fuck all about it


Because it’s a news story. That how the news works. Something happens and the press reports it. The article linked above covers both sides as it’s supposed to do.

So are you.

In fact, I’m not actually judging him at all. I never said he was guilty of anything. I said, that what you’re demanding is unrealistic and really you’re only doing it because you like him.