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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Yeah I definitely read more Marvel thanks to Unlimited. Before I would only buy trades of stuff that was very highly acclaimed, now I’ll have a punt at something that may just be a fun read.

The app features are pretty garbage (although they have introduced the read/unread thing which is the one I wanted most) but the actual reading of the comic is a fairly universal and basic thing that the free .cbr apps written in someone’s bedroom manage fine. I stopped getting glitches a good couple of years back but that may well be related to device compatibility so people get different experiences.


Marvel sells on the group experience of reading the latest story. They do an awful lot of work to hype you up for this weeks issue, and then to talk about it afterwards. The comics journalism sites thrive on this too. Most media is about consuming now and being part of the experience.

And of course Netflix are killing that model. There’s a few bingers, but in the most part we’re just discovering the shows on our own pace. More and more TV is being consumed that way, and it’s always been the case for movies. Cable companies are having to cope, networks are struggling, streaming has embraced this model. Movies too are increasingly seeing their product find it’s final audience on DVD and streaming.

I think Marvel have lost the ‘read it on Wednesday’ experience with a large chunk of their readerships. Trade waiting and Unlimited offer alternatives, Comixology sales make you feel foolish for buying something at full price when they’ll be giving it away for a fraction of the price in just a few months. And on top of all that we don’t have the same free time that we did. Everything is going against the ‘immediately upon release’ model.


But that “group experience” is a recent model, facilitated by the Internet. Discussing the latest Marvel with a group of fellow fans would never have happened when I was the only kid in school buying comics. Marvel survived before the “group experience” was a thing, so perhaps they just need to remember how, and try it again.


alt.comics has ben around for at least 33 years!

(I know, I know, this is recent to you)


Recent is the last 25 years David. When you were a kid in school is as long in business terms as suggesting comics were better when printed on mammoth hides.


It has definitely been a change in the lifetime of this site. When I just joined I’d moved to Malaysia and didn’t have access to a comic shop and started the first trade waiting thread. I confess I used to make the odd comment just to make sure it wasn’t bumped off the board due to inactivity and the new comics one was ten times as active.

Maybe a decade after that the activity levels had reversed.

Now a lot of the new comics ones are digital picks, even the review podcasts I listen to they are regularly referring to their iPads to check panels etc and not physical copies.

Yes I know we aren’t representative of the entire comic readership but a certain section of it anyway. I do think with age you worry a little less about the immediacy of it all.


And used by 0.0000001% of Marvel’s readership.

(I was reading alt.comics (or whatever it was actually called - I forget) 25 years ago. There were really very few regular participants.)


And genitals.


They don’t sell those on HLJ…


I disagree. I think that’s very much what Stan was selling with his fictitious Bullpen and all the other trappings that went with it. It was a club for loners. The fiction made it feel like there was some place out there where people did nothing but talk about this stuff. You just didn’t have access to it.


The mystery Exiles member is Valkyrie, modeled on the movie one:


And Mr. Mxylsnikt, apparently


Huh I thought it was gonna be Angela (whatever happened to her anyways?) based on the outline of the weapon, but sure, Valkirie makes more sense… Also, I knew that shape seemed familiar =P


No, no, it’s Mxyzsniktlk.


Who is the anime looking Ms Marvel/Rogue?


Kamala from a timeline 30 years in the future.


Since it’s Exiles, I’d expect a high turnover for whatever cast of characters they start with.


90s comics had … issues.


All comics have issues :confused:


… that was one level of the pun I was going for yes, thanks :slight_smile: