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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Make sure to include the Spider-Man/Human Torch miniseries - one of the best things Slott has done.


I read that around the time it came out, and loved it. Great art by Ty Templeton too.


I forgot Unlimited. I always have it in my head as eight (monthly) books, because that’s what they had going into the Age of Apocalypse - coincidentally the only time I read all eight.


Happy to announce I am the new writer of the X-Menses. We’re goin in a very different direction with it, a full on ‘period piece’ if you will.


I assumed the 2-parter about the non-mutant heroes was taking Unlimited’s spot during AoA.


I loved X-Universe. But I think it was X Chronicles that replaced Unlimited. IIRC, it was the “secret history” kind of book.


Marvel in the '70’s - page after page of goodness!

What Hath Axel Wrought?


I did it mainly for Meadows.




You’re writing an X-book for Marvel?


On re-reading, I think it was a joke that went right over my head :blush:


I appreciate that you entertained it as a possibility for even a moment!


Samesies. My comics buying had dropped back significantly anyway, but since MU I can’t bring myself to buy any paper Marvel books. Despite this I’m not actually following any current Marvel books. I feel like I have no idea of what’s happening, what the lay of the land is - I was reading the Hickman Avengers run through MU, and then I think I got caught up and then didn’t bother checking in again so lost track of where I was.

Is there still a cohesive Marvel universe (as cohesive as it can be)? Did they reboot with Secret Wars or whatever that was? I also noticed that a lot of the art seems to be handled by international amateurs (they’re cheaper, right?), and it all looks quite “samey”.

I know there are always a bunch of titles that try to be standalone, but I like the shared universe, I like the broader continuity - but where to (re)begin now?

(I’ve been rereading the new Star Wars line - the quality control there is really high so it’s not like they don’t have the ability to do the same to Marvel Universe books…)


No I can’t say I do either. The books I have been reading pretty much operate outside the wider line.

Ms Marvel
Jessica Jones
Moon Knight
Miles Morales Spider-Man

No and they really, really should have. I mean they didn’t have to wipe out continuity or whatever but it was the perfect place to start afresh in the style of DC’s Rebirth and they just carried on with most of the titles as they were.

I can’t advise you on a good jumping on point for the wider universe as I don’t think there is one.


November 1961.


You say that but I got totally confused in Fantastic Four #4 when they started going on about this ‘Sub-Mariner’ character. Why can’t they tell stories that aren’t mired in such impenetrable continuity?


Ok, giving that a serious answer:

You were told everything you needed to know about the Sub-Mariner in three panels.

Today, that would have taken an entire issue of a six-issue arc :smiley:

Or, he would have appeared on the very last (splash) page, Johnny would say “YOU!”, and you’d still be clueless :stuck_out_tongue:


And just checking, you think showiing a page written and drawn like that is going to entice new readers?


Well… uh… yeah? :confused:


Well, that’s definitely your perogative


(Again, serious answer: )

No, the cover would entice new readers. Because covers used to be exciting and imaginative and give you a hook for the issue, not just a canvas for a hot artist to show off his portrait work.

A cover used to have to do a job: it had to stand out on a shelf when competing for your money. A cover doesn’t need to do that now, because your pull-list is already set and you’ve pre-ordered the issue based on a five-page preview.