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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


It’s less “how did this happen in the comics” and more “What were they thinking?”


Yeah I knew that but it’s still fresh so thought I’d leave it out


Seriously though nobody was clamouring for the return of the above mentioned character.



One of the things I really liked about what they did post-Decimation, all the way to Second Coming, was move past the traditional X-conflicts - they did something, quite different and it was great.


Correct. I’m a big fan of tying up stray storylines and prophecies.
At the moment nothings connected and there doesn’t seem to be a point for any of these characters to exist.
What’s the end goal?


Old Cyke may be back in the Phoenix Resurrection mini. Or he may just be a figment of the imagination. Need to wait and see . But all these resurrections, and rumours of a relaunch could very well be connected.


Ok, this is what I would do, and I’m going to stick to stuff that is in the realms of possibility in terms of the names, rather than my dream choices.

I’d scale it down to 2 main books and 2 peripheral books. All team books with no solo titles other than 4-6 issue mini series or OGNs and only when the names are big enough for them to fly off the shelves.

2 main books

Mark Waid
Dale Eaglesham
Doug Braithwaite

The Uncanny X-Men
Al Ewing
Jerome Opena
Tony Moore

2 peripheral books, one weird, experimental, diverse and bold one (New Mutants) plus one female majority, sexy, hardcore, bad ass action and horror (X-Force)

New Mutants
China Meiville
Travel Foreman
James Stokoe

Gail Simone
Yannick Pacquette
Guilleme March

All titles come out 12 - 14 times a year with some annuals and one shots with one 14 issue crossover per year, 3 issues per title plus 2 bookends for the event.

The books are planned and plotted by quartely meet ups by the editor of that line and the 4 writers with no interference outside of that team and arcs are a variety of 1, 2, 3 parts only stretching longer than that for big bold ideas that can only be done justice by 4 or 5 issues.


Oh Chris. You and your logic!

Dangerously Manageable and effective.


That’s much better Chris and mostly achievable.


Something that has struck me this year is the level of quality control at DC and how it’s kept me buying books some 30 odd issues in; the 3 annuals I’ve read this month have all been top quality.


It’s interesting to see how many of the editorial are former Marvel staff as well.


How did that Apocalypse Wars story turn out? That’s what kicked me off the X-Men line, I was reading Lemire and Hopeless’ series and enjoying them before that, but then this big event came along and I just didn’t have the patience for it. Crossovers are what have kicked me off most Marvel titles, I’m just left reading Daredevil and Thor now. It’d be nice to have a pull list that included somewhere between 6 - 8 Marvel ongoings, but double shipping, constant artist changes, crossovers, and cancellations have burned away all of my confidence to pick up a new series. I’d also say they’ve not come out with a new story premise or creative team for an ongoing that interested me in a long time.


So it wasn’t an actual crossover it was more of a theme.
Each had a separate storyline based around apocalypse and they didn’t really land well

Extraordinary X-Men Arriving a thousand years into Earth’s future fighting their way through the bubble worlds of the Omega World, where mutants no longer existed, having been wiped out along with many other races in the wake of Apocalypse, who now reigned supreme over what remained of Earth.
Colossus becomes War. everyone returns home with Apocalypse who gets thrown in a limbo vortex a few issues later.

Uncanny X-men Some weird stuff where they reveal why archangel has changed back into that form and they bring back clan Akkaba and Genocide/Holocaust (who Im pretty sure got killed off by the Apocalypse twins in Remenders Uncanny Avengers) theres a whole mess of warrens and its alll quite confusing to be honest.

All New X-men

Time travel with Evan apocalypse going back in time to meet teenage original apocalypse which doesn’t really line up with continuity and annoys me. Also Beast learns Magic.

Basically nothing about it is epic or grandiose which is a reminder of Peter Milligans Blood of the Apocalypse around X-Men 188 I think.


I’m almost 100% certain to tradewait a mini. It just seems a more natural way to consume a (presumably) single, self-contained story.

Which makes me wonder why you would put out a miniseries monthly at all – just get the whole thing finished and put it out as an OGN.


I think I read all these on Marvel Unlimited, and they were completely forgettable.


I wish any X-team book could run for longer than just 1-3 years and get some long term character development before being cancelled and replaced by the same characters with a new creative team that goes in a completely different direction and gets me to stop reading it.


Good point I don’t think anyone has been on an xbook for 24 uninterrupted issues aside from Bendis I’m the last few years.
Let’s see someone run with a plan and a clear vision.


I miss the days when it was just Uncanny, X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force…4 titles with distinct rosters and distinct tones.


[quote=“markabnett, post:2069, topic:10046, full:true”]
Correct. I’m a big fan of tying up stray storylines and prophecies. [/quote]

I grew up reading Claremont’s X-Men, so none of those words make any sense to me.


I really think Marvels death spiral will be really hard to turn around. DC was in the doldrums for what seemed like a decade, but they didn’t break their characters like Marvel have. And Marvel will be suffering from a character fatigue given that they’re present everywhere whereas DC aren’t quite so saturated (and the movies and TV shows probably aren’t pleasing most DC comic fans in the way Marvel fans are happy).

Usually in these situations I’d recommend getting back to basics, going with the characters and teams that built Marvel. But honestly I don’t know if there’s a market for that these days. We’re in the age where comic stores are starting to close down. Indie comics barely break even. The Star Wars steroid is over. There’s no emerging superstars like these was 25 years ago that captured a new generation of fans. Things look bleak.

We need the next Ultimate universe.