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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Yeah you have to think something like Ewing and Tynion, with Simone on an X-Force type book, and Slott on the solo Wolverine book, would be the ideal way to go if you really want to reinvigorate the line. Obviously Tynion is unavailable.


Well, it certainly needs it. I couldn’t tell you what those books are doing and haven’t heard much bizz about them either. About the only positive buzz is over the current Cable team and they’re only getting one arc.

Yup, anything he does with Hurtt and Crabtree will probably be great - see The Sixth Gun and The Damned.

I could go for that combination.


Current x slate is

X-men Gold
Marc Guggenheim /Various
-Kitty/Collosus/Prestiage (rachel summers)/ Old Man L/ Storm/ Nightcrawler

X-men Blue
Cullen Bunn / Various
-Original 5 . Note: Jean junior just died in the pages of her book

Astonishing X-Men
Charles Soule/ Various

Weapon X
Greg Pak/ Various
-Oldman L/ warpath/domino/lady deathstrike/sabertooth

Ed Brisson/ Jon Malin
Newly announced Creative team of Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, and German Peralta as of March Issue #155 (covers by Daniel Warren Johnson of Extremity fame see below)

Iceman Cancelled as of Issue 11 in March
Generation X Cancelled as of Issue 87 March
Jean Grey Cancelled March (no big deal as she leads X-Men Red)

All New Wolverine
Tom Taylor
Rogue & Gambit
Kelly Thompson and Pere Perez (not a bad first issue actually)

X-Men red
Tom Taylor Mahmud Asrar

New Mutants
Matthew Rosenberg and Adam Gorham, 6 issues

Not sure if this counts but
Weapon H
Greg Pak and artist Cory Smith

Gaile Simone, TBD, Land Covers

Saladin Ahmed (Black Bolt) and penciller Javier Rodriguez
Blink, Lil Wolvie, Iron lad, Old woman Kamala Kahn, The unseen (old man Fury)

Unscheduled but announcedish
Coates and Jen Bartel

Rumour has it gold and blue will make way for Uncanny and X-men which is going to be super weird to see how they work out legacy numbering due to the last legacy cancellations resulted in All New All Different X-men/ Uncanny X-Men/ Wolverine and The X-Men

Tell what you really think Mark
The issue with the x lineup at the moment is that there is no overall connective tissue between any of the books.
The last time was probably when Bendis had them but even then the storylines weren’t game changers.

I thought the 90’s handled connective tissue really well and allowed all the books to add something to the overall storyline and direction of the X-Family.

The Messiah trilogy also achieved something pretty close but that was around 2007-2009 (yup that long ago)

Also I personally don’t find any of the lineups that exciting with the exception of Astonishing but thats been a very long burn

Rotating art lineups don’t help either.
I have no problem with an artist doing an arc but very few of the above have had an artist stay for a full arc.

The trend continues in the current Phoenix Resurrection. 5 different artists makes for a messy trade in my personal opinion and offers lots of continuity blips through costuming and being able to recognise characters from issue to issue.

I think its things like this that are upsetting for longtime readers who want to be invested but struggle to find a reason to hang on.

You got to admit this does look cool though


Man, none of that excites me (although I just texted my best friend about the Coates/Bartel Storm book because he’ll love that). Just 5 or so years ago I could never imagine not being interested in reading a single current X-Men or Wolverine comic.


Oh and My dream lineups
Writer+ Artist Style

Uncanny X-men(basically cosmic Summer’s X-men)
Al Ewing + Michael Choi, Carlos Pacheco
Cable, Rachel Summers,Jean Grey, Hope, Havok, Polaris, Magneto, Dr Nemesis,

X-men (basically New Mutants type story)
Kelly Thompson + Ryan Stegman/ Joe mad Style
Jubillee, Chamber, Husk, Anole, Quinten Quire, Rockslide,Transonic, Oya, Kid Apocalypse.

Daniel Warren Johnson + in the style of Daniel Warren Johnson/ Ladron/Jerome Opeña
Cannonball,Smasher,Warpath,Siryn,X-man, Dani Moonstar, Caliban, SHIP/Professor/Prosh , Hope (holy shit thats a good lineup)

Fabian Nicieza+ Ian Churchill

Donny Cates+ Mike Deodato (is killing it in old man logan so carry on son)

Si Spurrier + Rachael Stott
Nightcrawler/Collossus/Kitty Pryde/ Pete wisdom/Captain Britain/ NEW BRITISH CHARACTERS!!

Continue as is

All New Wolverine
Tom Taylor
Astonishing X-Men
Charles Soule/ Various
Rogue & Gambit
Kelly Thompson and Pere Perez

Wow thats some dream team stuff for me there.


I do adore that 97.89% of X-Men fans can never spell Rogue.

It’s like the bizarre combination of events that means everyone on the internet spells ‘lose’ as ‘loose’. :smile:


Gar I cannot spell for bupkis.
I post then edit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My dream X-Men line would be:

The (Adjective) X-Men
by whoever

by whoever, as long as they’re good.


I’m not loving any of the x-men books at the moment but Lil’ Wolvie makes Exiles look like it might be a hell of a lot of fun.


Is Lil Wolvie a rap star?




That is a great cover. Have you ever read Daniel Warren Johnson’s webcomic, Space-Mullet? It’s fantastic.


See I’m just going to accept I wrote that somewhere and not even bother to edit it.


There’s been a significant change in the line-up for this team:

Charles Xavier has returned to life, with his mind in the body of Fantomex (Fantomex taking Xavier’s place on the Astral Plane, seemingly willingly)


Wait, what? What?




In that case, I’m curious: Who’s still dead and not come back now? Old Cyke? I think everyone else has been revived?

Have they also put the knowledge of X-Men being mutants back in the bottle?

Heh, yeah, that was my initial response to reading Mike’s spoiler section.



That didn’t help!


Yeah, the board messed up the order a bit.

(Panels are in order (2, 3, 1) instead of (1, 2, 3), if you feel like fixing it)