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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


That’s a decent point to make. I can see why people could take that view and it could be a large reason why they see the 20% drop.


Maybe the answer’s not to release the TPB for a mini until at least a year after the final issue ships. Instead of the week after.


Could be but that may then affect the trade sales adversely as the buzz has all died down.

We had a hatful of moans here when DC started delaying their trade releases.

As with all these things it’s a bit more complicated the more thought you give to it in a publisher’s shoes than what an individual reader may want.


Then I’d just buy the issues digitally after they’d all been released. Or if the miniseries doesn’t have sufficient buzz by the end of its run, I’d probably forget all about it.


And, that’s not a bad thing, if it leads to better quality control.


Yeah. A year may be a long time. But a few weeks or a month is really too damn short.

You’d have to have a screw loose to buy a 6 issue mini, at $4 an issue, when in 7 months time you can buy the TPB for $25 with a 40% discount online.

Edited to add: I love the whole experience of buying singles, so I’m one of those people who will buy White Knight monthly knowing full well that it would make more sense financially to just buy the HC or TPB later on. But most people aren’t me :wink:


A lot of that was from them doing it on ongoing titles and delaying so long that they’d cancelled or had made massive changes in direction on the series by the time the first trade came out, killing any reason to pick it up. With mini series that’s less of an issue, assuming it was written to be a stand-alone story with a proper ending.


Yeah you say that now… :smile:


Same on all counts. She’s one of the better writers of team books. I would give her an X-Men title and make a big deal of it.


I assume Domino’s getting a series because of Deadpool 2. It’s interesting that they don’t seem to be linking the comic to his series.


It’s amazing to get such a big name writer and put her on such a C list character. Maybe she asked for Domino, maybe Marvel are a new female they can boost, maybe it’s for the movie but regardless with such a big name you’d think they’d give her something bigger.


Yeah you’d think so. When has Domino ever supported a solo book? (An issue recently pointed out on the House to Astonish podcast about most X-Men solo books outside of Wolverine and Deadpool).

I suppose if there is an overt link to the Deadpool sequel there’s some logic in it but personally I’d give Simone a core X-Men book. Why not? She’s proven she can do team dynamics well. None of the current ones are setting the world alight.

The last time anyone had anything to say about an X-Men book was due to dodgy Islamist references in the artwork.


Simone used Domino in her Deadpool run, right? I would assume she asked for it, or took it as a tentative toe dip back into Marvel.


Yeah it could be a passion project.

I just, to ignite the diversity argument again, see certain writers work on average to poor selling but critically acclaimed books like Simone and, until recently, Priest, and stay there. Priest even left comics as he was only considered for minority books and came back when given his choice of character.

Tom King (who I love by the way) gets promoted to the number one ongoing book with Batman off the back of poor selling but critically acclaimed books. Just to stir the pot a little. :wink:


There’s a rumour that the X-Men books are relaunching over the summer. Maybe Domino is just the start of things.


They really need to give those books to a decent creative team and trim the line down.

2 books is enough along with an x event each year to keep things newsworthy and exciting.

Al Ewing is the man for me on one of those books, someone out of leftfield prefably on the other, with a rotating team of 2 top artists per book to keep things on track.

Cullen Bunn has done some good creator owned stuff, but he needs to be as far away from any relaunch as possible, his x books are as dull as dishwater. Most of his Marvel work is.


Tynion would be the dream, but he’s happy at DC thankfully.

Bunn was doing a fine job on Blue, to be fair. But crappy artists and constant crossovers killed that for me.



That would be a change to the last 8 years they have relaunched over the summer. :smile:


Fair point. Well made. :laughing: