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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


In the category of “It Might Have Been”:

A house ad teasing with the idea that Wolverine would leave the X-Men to lead
Alpha Flight after Guardian’s death.

Might have been interesting if it had actually happened. To see a loner like Wolverine in a leadership role.



But this was before then. Back during Wolverine’s burgeoning popularity.


Read Marvel: Legacy just now.

It’s not enough to make me want to come back to Marvel full time, and SOME of the ideas/vignettes presented are interesting. The art was all over the place though…

All in all, felt like a very poor imitation of the DC Rebirth one shot that came out before all the titles switched.



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Sorry. I was half asleep and thought I was posting in the Marvel TV Thread.


My take from that period of Alpha Flight was that Shaman and Heather would have led the team anyways and Logan would have been a field leader at best.


Sounds about right.

I can only imagine what the dynamic of the team would have been like if Logan had rejoined.


It was always a piece of misdirection I think (and publicity for the book). Logan goes to offer his services to the team because James is dead and then after an issue long discussion with Heather they come to the conclusion she should take charge.

As far as my memory serves me there’s no real time between that promo and the issue for there to have been a change of direction.


Old Man Hawkeye announced.
Gonna take a whole maxi-series to tell how he went blind

And wait a minute…wouldn’t “Old Man Barton” be a more accurate title?


I guess that will serve in lieu of an “idea”.

Thanks for OML, Mr. Millar!


Whoah, this is interesting:

The first issue of the “Old Man Hawkeye” monthly series is set for release in January. Each book will be illustrated by popular Marvel artist Marco Checchetto, whose work can currently be seen in Marvel’s ongoing “Star Wars: Captain Phasma” series.

Aside from the fact that Phasma’s a 4-issue mini, this is of note as both his Star Wars and Punisher work was excellent.


Oh, why are the best artists usually strapped to stuff like this?


You know it might… be good?


I think it’s a big leap for Sacks, who I only remember did one of the stories for that Secret Empire anthology.
A big leap for a weirdly ineffectual premise.


Yeah, the writer’s unknown to me, but as that Cable #150 art is looking so good, with a neat script, maybe this’ll be a pleasant surprise too.

I just like that it’s far, far away from Marvel’s continuity maelstrom.


I’d be mostly interested in it for Checchetto’s art.


Millar should send Marvel a list with the worst ideas he can possibly come up with to see if they adapt them.