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Marvel Comics: Not-So-Secret Empire is here!




And phoenephews!




Yes, if you’re talking about 2 Peter Parkers for exemple, one from the futre one from the present. And even if you’re talking about Miles & Peter since they both took the identity of “Spider-man”… which is why trademarks are so important =P

Same for Batman, btw… Unless you’re talking about the Batmen of Morrison’s Batman Inc. run, in which he specifically made “Batman” a tittle for those other characters, so you had the Batman of Japan, etc… :smile:

Just to make it clear: If there were 2 of you, and I only used your first name, there would be 2 Jims… If I used your full name there would be 2 Jim O’Haras… if you were a doctor there would be 2 doctors Jim O’Hara… if you also were an amazing doctor there would be 2 amazing doctors Jim O’Hara… if you were a superhero who happened to be a doctor, then there would be 2 Amazing doctors Jim O’Hara… and finally if you were a superhero whose code name was “The Amazing Doctor Jim O’Hara”, then there would be 2 Amazing Doctor Jim O’Haras…

Simple, no? :stuck_out_tongue:




Yeah they’re from parallel earths




And yet you have multiple supreme justices in the supreme courts (of the world) =P




Fair point :smiley:


Not to mention Supreme Pizzas.


Who now need to rebrand as Pizzas Supreme.


Pizzas supremes!


Chicken supremes.

Chickens supreme.


This is not the “Pillow talk” thread, Dave.


Well, how about that? FP bundled a load of the free comics with my copy of Invincible OHC11!

Including Secret Empire

Haven’t read it yet.

EDIT: And now I have. Errr… Well, Sorrentino’s art is great, though I’d agree it’s feels mismatched to the story.

The bigger problem I see with this is that Spencer’s opening doors that are going to be very hard to close, especially the whole equation of stronger + more powerful = worthy.

Can’t say I’m interested by Zdarsky’s Spiderman book they bundled it with.

Other FCBD read was Guardians of the Galaxy - my, they really have fallen so very far from what they were, but bundled with it was Defenders which looks like it’ll be good and was easily the winner out of the quartet.



That was the first thing I thought of.


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