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Marvel Comics Museum Exibit

Hi all,
so it looks like the exhibit that was in MoPop Seattle, will be moving over to the Franklin Institute in Philly for the summer.

Apparently this exibit has some insane stuff. From movie props to the original art to GSXM1 and Amazing Fantasy 15’s page with Spidey in costume for the 1st time.

I also saw a bunch of pictures on Instagram and other places on the web, i’m very excited to go!

Anyone go to the Seattle Exhibit or planning on going to Philly as well?


Philadelphia is a short 90 minute drive for me, and it’s one of my favorite US cities (like NYC on a smaller scale). I’ll try to get down to see this. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Dang. I would love to go that.

I’m native to Philly, and often go in, especially during the summer, so I will try to see it. I often went to the Franklin Institute and the Academy of Natural Sciences as a kid