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Through the magic of Marvel Unlimited, I’ve binge-read 20 issues of Superior Spider-Man this weekend.
When I first heard this concept, it screamed “gimmick” to me, but it’s one of the more refreshing reads I’ve found on MU in a while (RIP X Factor).
I kind of don’t miss Parker at all.


Looks like Liefeld is coming back to Deadpool for an OGN.


Cool. Is that to coincide with the movie?


That reminds me. I have people watching Rob. (That’s always a good idea, keeping an eye on that boy.)
I have not received recent reports.

Ah, well. Only one solution.

We must have an AMA with Mr. Liefeld.

Maybe on Skype when he’s drunk.

Or, I could invite him to Colorado. :smile_cat:


got a kid here in the office that is a HUGE d’pool fan, toys, current comics, movie, and game. mentioned to him and he said who is that author? ahhh, the ignorance of youth.


I would assume so. I’m really looking forward to the film.

We already did an AMA with Rob. :wink:


its miqque, waddya speck


I think it’s the first of an Liefeld OGN trilogy; “New Mutants: Shake It Off” and “Wolverine: We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” will follow.


Oddly enough - I was there.

That is still not a photograph of Rob.

Okay, mayhaps I misspoke. Mistyped. Whatever.

We need another AMA with Mr. Liefeld.


I have a huge weakness for T Swift and would be so into that.


I read that as “Tom Swift”.

I really drokking hate aging.


So, I was the only one who was thinking of Neil Sedaka?


If you want updates from Rob Liefeld it isn’t difficult, he updates Twitter about 30 times a day.


WARNING! SPOILERS IN THE LINK: Marvel Reveals Major Character Death in “Squadron Supreme” #1



It’s probably for the best. Namor needs to be retired for a while. He’s been responsible for really horrible atrocities in the last few years.


If anyone had the right to take him out, it was T’Challa. That would have almost made up for the way Hickman wrote him.


I feel a bit differently about that, since I think those “actions” have been 1) very much in-character for him, who’s never been a real hero (more of an anti-hero I suppose) and 2) it’s made him a better, more complex and nuanced character.

*Edited to make it more vague…


You guys might want to use spoilers. Thanks.


Sure, but at a certain point they render just render him a villain and make hypocrites of any heroes that work with him. I mean at this point he’s literally responsible for billions of deaths.


His decapitated head is on the cover of the comic. I don’t think this really falls into spoiler territory.