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Marvel Comics: All-New & All-Different


Oh yeah for sure, I didn’t mean “awkward” as in “bad”… just funny… Also quite telling that they were a lot more irreverent and liberal (and quite a bit more forward thinking too as shown in that page) in the 80’s compared to today.


Yeah, and as Dave says they did spend time on the relationship and actually treated like a (admittedly silly) grown-up romance.

Maybe it’s just my age/nostalgia, but I feel like Dave Micheline had a very solid run on Spidey. Maybe not definitive, per another thread that’s going, but possibly underrated.


I hear tell that as of next year, Playboy will no longer feature nude photography (and airbrushing). Guess we really will have to read it for the articles and cartoons. Damned internet.

I never liked USAgent or any of the Dredd clones. Didn’t really know why until i read Dredd. That cleared things right up.


Oh yeah, I agree with you a 100%… Micheline and McFarlane/Larsen/Bagley on art… that’s my favorite Spidey run ever… In part, obviously, because of the fantastic art, but Micheline wrote some really fun issues back then… Lots of classic villains and Flash Thompson and Felicia, plus you know, Venom and Carnage for the first time… that was pretty cool. They had a pretty long run too, somewhere in between Amazing Spider-man #300 to #400.


Michelinie’s Spidey stories are definitely underrated, I think. In part I think he’s overshadowed by his artists, especially McFarlane.



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But, on a lighter note:

The Mission: Luke Cage & Iron Fist, Past Made Present and the Breaking of Shackles

Solicitations for January 2016

Marvel’s January solicits are up and collected in the Solicitations for January thread.


I still can’t believe they’re relaunching some of those books, like SS, Hawkeye and some others which just seem to be continuations of the previous storylines with the same creative teams… =/

Heck, Hawkeye’s last volume lasted a grand total of 5 issues… that’s sooo stupid. I’m seriously NOT into Marvel’s current direction… I kinda hoped Secret Wars would fix some stuff, like old Rogers and Captain Falcon, but no… it’s even worse now :smile:


To be honest the number on the cover is of no real interest to me, if they want to restart with a new number 1 every year that’d be fine. It’s the concepts and the creative teams that get me to buy comics.


Yeah I know, but it’s just supid… I mean I understand the re-launch on most cases, but some of those… it’s a bit ridiculous… But yeah, I’m definetly more bothered about the lack of a proper Falcon comicbook, for exemple. I dunno, I’m not diggin’ Alonso’s tenure tbh.


Some of the previous ‘volumes’ (Howard the Duck, I think Squirrel Girl) are so short that they fill only one trade, so they’ve been numbered as volume 0, which is fine, but presumes the new launches are going to last longer, which isn’t a bet I’d take.


Yeah me neither… at this point we’re probably 6 months away from the All New All Different Marvel NOW! relaunch wave… and the worst part is: I’m not joking and it’s not even funny =/


Squirrel Girl is eight issues, which is collected in two TPBs. They’re collecting the Secret Wars A-Force as Vol. 0 too, which will probably be confusing in the future, depending on what, if anything, the new book has to do with that mini.


I had a brain fart earlier, but I remembered why I don’t like all the volume changes, and it’s because of the trades… it’s a nightmare trying to guess which TPB goes after which, etc… Also, it doesn’t help that they call the trades “Vol1, 2, 3… etc” when they should actually say something like “Tome 1” or “Book 1”… That way at least they could use the proper thing which would be Vol.1 Book 1 for exemple…

That kinda goes also hand in hand with the discussion about entrypoint TPBs and GNs for people who want to start, or read something definitive about a character…


I read digitally and it’s a lot easier as they use the year to differentiate.

To be fair I don’t know what they’ll do there with the likes of Hawkeye that have two new volumes in a year. I can’t really see those being the norm though,

On the other hand their trade numbering never made any sense before anyway. Try and find volume 3 of Brubaker’s Cap run, it’s called Red Menace vol.1.


It’s part of the reason why my wife never buys me comics. She can’t figure out the order they come in with different volumes/series etc.

Also, she has no idea what I do and don’t own…

Although she does now have fairly good notion of what volumes of Lone Wolf and Cub I own, and that I might enjoy the upcoming 2000AD Dan Dare HC, so the little bit of subliminal suggestion I have been doing might yet work out.


I tend to find “This is what I want. Buy it for me.” gets me exactly what I want.



I had never suspected that subtlety might be my problem.


We’re both oretty upfront with what we want for birthdays / Xmases. I’m so glad about that - it’s much easier than that damned guessing game. We do buy little surprise things for each other but the big presents are stuff we actually want. Win win all round!


It was Spider-Gwen I was thinking of.