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Marvel 616 Timeline Mapped

Yeah so the other day I put together
Mapping The Marvel Universe

Now heres a list of the Marvel timeline with vital points according only to me.

Aside form typing it up properly and making it look a bit cool any input or suggestions would be valuable.
Remember I’m aiming for 616 and potential futures so Old Man Logan and the likes are not included

The Marvel Universe Time Line
Key events around Celestial influence, Major Events and Cable as he is awesome.
Dates with* Estimated Dates
From end to beginning

Betrayal + Forever End Of The Line, Immortus Sphinx End of Time
End of Time Cable vs Gaunt
53042 Betrayal +51,028 years (Avengers vol 3 #33) The Worldcore

8000 Immortus Sphinx (S.H.I.E.L.D 5 2010)
Immortus ultimatum to Multiversal Nathaniel Richards
Time Variance Authority and The auditors working alongside Immortus Fantastic Four #581

7059 Betrayal +5045 years (Avengers vol 3 #32) Avengers World. The Future Man Franklin Richards
6700 Cable leaves Bishop In the Future
4145 Kang Dynasty
3900 Rama tut arrives in war torn Future to Assume the Role of Kang
-3806 Stryfe (7 Futures from Apocalypse Twins)
3800 Apocalypse Rules (Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix 1-4 199
3600 Askani
3193 Immortus Infinity Watch. Capt Marvel (possible Noh-Var) Vision Phoenix, Yondu,Adam Warlock, Golden Surfer, Martinex, Starhawk.Anihalus-Nova,

3167 Omega World Extraordinary X-Men 2015 #8-12 or according to the Stark Self the year is 3549 World Extraordinary X-Men 2015 #9 assumed editor error. Omega World was a huge
structure composed of bubble worlds in which what remained of Earth after
Apocalypse’s ascension was kept.

3030 Starks Granddaughter Leaves for 2013 to align the Rogue Planet (avengers 24 vol 5)
3007 Badoon Invasion of the solar system
2436 Betrayal +422 Planet Ultron (Avengers vol 3 #31)
-2099 Doom (7 Futures from Apocalypse Twins)
2092 Future Imperfect
2062 Betrayal + 48 (Avengers vol 3 29) The Avengers Union
• Rebirth of Man
• The Height of Modernity
• The End of The World
o S.H.I.E.L.D VOL2 #4

-2055 Deathlok Nation (7 Futures from Apocalypse Twins)
-2043 Mutant magistrates (7 Futures from Apocalypse Twins)
-2033 Earth X (7 Futures from Apocalypse Twins)
-2040* Death of Immortus by the Next Avengers (Avengers Vol 3 Issue 6)
-2020 Arno Stark (7 Futures from Apocalypse Twins)
2020 Days of Future Past Hope Summers & Franklin Richards (S.H.I.E.L.D 4 vol 2 2012) Rachel Summers and Franklin originally conceived a child called Hyperstorm during this period. Retconned for awesomeness

2015 Secret War
-2014 Ahab (7 Futures from Apocalypse Twins))
2014 Original Sin
2014 AXIS
2013 Age of Ultron
2013 Days of Future Past Kate Pryde sent to 1980
2013 Kang takes Apocalypse twins Uriel Eimin,Uncanny Avengers #6

2013 Infinity

2012 Avengers vs. X-Men
2011 Fear Itself
2010 Chaos War
2010 Second Coming
2010 Siege
2009 War of Kings
2008 Secret Invasion
2007 Messiah CompleX
2007 World War Hulk
2007 Annihilation: Conquest
2006 Civil War
2006 Annihilation
2006 Celestial Eson The Searcher claims Apocalypse to Fufill his Debt

2006 Cable resurrects Apocalypse. Apocalypse taken away by Celestials
2005 House of M No More Mutants
2001 Cyclops freed from Apocalypse
2000 The Twelve. Apocalypse’s essence is trapped in Scott Summers
1998 Rama Tut Captures Blaquesmith to repair Damaged time machine on his way to 3900 Cable 57
1996 Onslaught
1995 Age Of Apocalypse

1993 Infinity Crusade
1992 Infinity War
1991 The Infinity Gauntlet
1988 Inferno
1985 Cable arrives In the “Present” Apocalypse awakens (cable -1 )
1984 Secret Wars
1982 Contest of Champions
1980 Assassination Attempt on Senator Kelly. Kate Pryde comes to the past.
1974 David Haller Kills Charles Xavier Age of Apocalypse
1971 Kree-Skrull War
1968 Birth of Franklin Richards Fantastic Four Annual #6 (November 1968)
1965 Reed Richards and Susan Storm’s Wedding
1964 Dr Doom Meets Rama Tut near Jupiter Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 2
1961 Leonardo forms the Great Wheel in Pieta
1960 Battle for the immortal city (S.H.I.E.L.D 6 2011) The 3 Brothers of Casualty reawaken. The embodiment of branching time. What is.What has come before, What will be.
1956 Nikola Tesla Returns,Leonardo Arrives (S.H.I.E.L.D 1 2010)
-Leonardo Retrieves the Celestial Star Child
1940 Namor vs the Original Human Torch
1859 Apocalypse creates Mr Sinister
1652 Nostradamus is taken to the Immortal city by Newton (S.H.I.E.L.D 3 2010)
1642 Issac Newton Kills Galileo in the Immortal City (S.H.I.E.L.D 1 vol 2 2011)
1630 Issac Newton burns the Deviant City (S.H.I.E.L.D 1 vol 2 2011)
Leonid is Born

1625 Issac Newton travels to the Deviant City (S.H.I.E.L.D 3 2010)
1582 Rome Galileo Defeats Galactus (S.H.I.E.L.D 3 2010) The 10 days that never happened
1503 Florence Leonardo Departs and the great machine (S.H.I.E.L.D 1 2010)
1502 Rome Michelangelo give Leonardo The Human Machine(S.H.I.E.L.D 1 vol 2 2011)
1495 Florence Leonardo finds a shape within the sun (S.H.I.E.L.D 1 2010)
1459 Apocalypse vs Vlad the Impaler
??? Apocolypse returns with the Celestial Ship and begins construction of his Sphinx Ship (X-men Vol1 186) Makes Deal with Eson The Searcher . Possibly bestowed the Duty Of Celestial Caretaker (assumed)

1155 (Years later) The traveller Discovers the Celestial Ship and finds En Sabah Nur in mid transformation to Apocalypse and send him to Journey the stars
1152 En Sabah Nur Kills Garbha Hsein (Saul Mutant External) and attempts to enter the Celestial Ship (“Mid 12th Century if memory serves me” Saul X-Force #37 vol 1)
1150 En Sabah Nur vs The Traveler, Nur infected with TO virus allowing him entry to the celestial Ship (Cable/Deadpool #26)
1013 Apocalypse vs Thor (Uncanny Avengers Vol1 #6 2013) again a date error as it is before nur had his celestial armour

The fourth of four test of a given race that has been altered by the enigmatic Celestials wherein they pass judgement on the races that they have created. In the case of the Earth, the various godheads that live in dimensional realms that have access to Earth (Such as the Asgardians and Olympians) successfully convinced the Celestials of the merits of the human race by producing to them the Young Gods. The Celestials left Earth satisfied, erasing humanities memories of the Celestials for some time.

750 Baghdad Failure of the second Man (S.H.I.E.L.D 3 2010) The 3 Brothers
of Casualty go to sleep.
114 AD Luoyang ,Han Dynasty. Zan Heng bargins with Celestial Madonna (S.H.I.E.L.D 1 2010)

2620 BC Brood Invasion Egypt Imhotep (S.H.I.E.L.D 1 2010)
2937* Iron Man/ Dr Doom Visit Egypt (Iron Man vol2 11 Heroes Reborn)
2939* Rama tut Returns to ancient Egypt
2940* Rama Tut Flees to the time stream (Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 21 1964)
2940* Fantastic Four/ Dr Strange/West Coast Avengers travel to Egypt seperatly and confront Rama Tut seperatly

2950* Killpower sent back in time by Time Guardian to retrieve Chronifact from Rama Tut
2960 RamaTut /Nathaniel Richards arrives in Ancient Egypt
3000 BC En Sabah Nur 8th Apocalypse Is born Akkaba, Egypt (Rise of Apocalypse 1996)

10,000 BC The Hyborian Age Conan
Gorsvil 7th Apocalypse Celestial caretaker (Uncanny X-Force #15 2011)

Third Host During the Third Host the Celestials prevent interference by outside influences on the growing civilizations on their experimental worlds.[2]
In the case of Earth, the Celestials confronted the various pantheons of gods, such as the Asgardians, Olympians, and others to not interfere in the lives of their creations or risk having the dimensional connections to their worshippers removed

18.500 B.C or 16,000 BC Second Host Wrath and Discipline.“Great Cataclysm” the Eternals had ignored baseline humanity while the Deviants enslaved it. The Celestials destroyed most of the Deviants, and their stronghold of Lemuria, causing it to sink below the ocean,[11] which also caused the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria

The Thurian Age Kull

one million years ago
-First avengers, Odin, Phoenix, Aggamotto, Black Panther, Starbrand, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist (Marvel Legacy #1)

First Host One of four tests of a given race that has been altered by the enigmatic Celestials. During the First Host, the Celestials select the dominant race of a given planet and alter their genetic structure for reasons that have not yet been revealed. The Celestials use their advanced technology to alter the race into three distinct races: The mainline race that shows normal attributes until evolution and an outside catalyst creates mutation, granting individuals of the mainline race a wide array of varying abilities. A superior race dubbed Eternals who are typically empowered with cosmic energy, and a genetically unstable race dubbed Deviants.

Kelby Tak 6th Apocalypse Celestial caretaker Before Gorsvil (Uncanny X-Force #15 2011)

Time Quake: Condition Red Baxter building Security Alert
Dates with* Estimated Dates

Event with no time designated
Arda Ulhaf Ancient Warror King holder of Weapons Mace of Aeshma (Secret Warriors #24) Assumed Hyberion or Thurion Age


Going to have to give this the respects it deserves tomorrow. Mind, i was with Krueger from early Earth-X all thru Paradise-X, so I’ve looked deep into the workings of such continuities. They are not simple!

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My long boxes have just arrived in the U.K. plan to go through them properly with special mind given to earth x saga especially for this.

Also need to add more Immortus and Kang apparences

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Sooo looks like I need to add old all father thor
Thanos wins/cosmic ghost rider.
Dark centenals for fist 6 issues of avengers.

Probably original 5 X-Men going back and potentially them coming forward.

Any recent key timeline dates?

Secret empire?
Infinity wars/warps

I thought Crisis on Infinite Earths wiped all these out. :wink:


You get the Panda as well Ronnie!!

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logan phoenix from Thor
Infinity warps are alternate universes so I don’t think they would fight in a 616 timeline

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Yup Logan Phoenix = all father thor
I think infinity warps more for the date the event happened.

gotya, well it is current, and you should include Gamora killing Thanos and gathering the stones to make her Infinity Sword(no gauntlet this time)

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