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Martin Freeman joins Civil War movie adaptation




Freeman is great, not easy to guess who he’s going to play though.


Have they decided not to go young for Spider-man?


If Michael Douglas hadn’t got there already, I would have guessed at Hank Pym.


I think it’s fairly easy to guess and I can’t wait to see Captain Britain’s debut in the Marvel film franchise.


Gonna be Union Jack.


I only accept Captain Britain if he’s drawn by Alan Davis, they could do an animated insert though and have freeman voice him (although he’s not really posh enough).


Pip the Troll?


I have to admit I liked him a lot back when he was Tim from the Office but I didn’t predict he would be in every other action movie 10 years later.


I assume Simon Pegg was too busy for this?


If he doesn’t end up playing Wong to Cumberbatch’s Dr Strange then there’s no justice.


Simon “best friend of Edgar Wright” Pegg? I suspect he may have other reasons for not appearing in a Marvel movie.


T’was a joke.

And he is busy on ‘Star Trek’ for a while anyway.


Ha, agree completely. It’s nice, though, to see him doing so well. Pegg, too. I don’t think you would have pegged either of them, when they were appearing in cult TV sitcom 15 years ago for Hollywood stars.


Hahaha. I read the title as Morgan Freeman joins Civil War movie adaptation. I didn’t pick up that it was Martin until The Office references popped up.

My guess would be that he will be playing whatever version of the Speedball character they will be using assuming there will be an inciting incident.


Everett K Ross, T’Challa’s hapless handler from the US government seen in Priest’s currently-being-reprinted Black Panther run, seems like a good shout.


The new, all-improved Wolverine!

In more serious news, I found a place to drop a hundred bucks in a hot second. Might consider it, if I had a hundred extra bucks and it would at least buy Millar a beer!

From a digital outlet:

The price is scary, but it’s for … 98 issues!
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That would be an absolutely genius idea.


Why aren’t we getting Morgan Freeman in a Marvel movie?


Morgan Freeman should play Martin Freeman’s dad.