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Mark Millar & Sean Murphy in NEW HAMPSHIRE this Sunday!


Remember we had a FCBD cosplay competition? Well, Jetpack won and as promised I am flying on my own dime to the United States and doing a signing at this fantastic store. Better yet, mt Chrononauts co-conspirator SEAN MURPHY is coming with me.

Come and see us. Come and HUG us! All the details you need are below.



Wish I could make this one. Would love to meet Sean Murphy. Love his work.


He’s alright.


I got my ticket from them over the weekend - nice guys. I am allowed a “plus 1” if someone wants to go.


so the Sean that can’t draw is meeting the Sean who draws really well?


I’ve met him before - he is close with the owners of my LCS and was at an art convention. Nice guy.


I missed Sean by 20 minutes at a signing last month. I might be crushed under a mountain of work but I may try going to this. New Hampshire is beautiful this time of year.

EDIT- Oh wait, you need tickets?


@Mark_Millar - Any chance of dragging Sean Murphy to Chicago with you?


Yep. You could go to their website and see if they still have them


Had a great time hanging out with the Jetpack crew this weekend. Oh and Mark and Sean were cool too :stuck_out_tongue: