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Mark Millar opening FP Birmingham this Saturday


Brummies and nearby wannabe Brummies, I will see you there at 1pm.



Wannabe Brummies?

Where do you get these crazy ideas from? :smile:


I’m not a Brummie by birth, but after 15 years living here I think I’ve earned the title on an honorary basis. :smile:

Hopefully I should be able to make this. See you there!


Can I bring things to be signed?


Nope. We’re all just going to be awkwardly staring at each other!




I might bring my Ultimates omnibus if I can find a bag strong enough. :slight_smile:


I bet you’ll feel awkward before I do. :wink:


Clearly, you haven’t met Mark.


Just back from this. A great event that packed out a floor of FP Birmingham (they’re going to be happy with this launch), and a pleasure to meet Mark in person.


Yeah, it was great.
I never had time to tell Mark that I was on the forum though. Probably for the best.