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Mark Millar on Word Balloon with John Siunteres


It’s been three whole years since I did Word Balloon and John caught up with me at 7am my first day in Chicago. If there’s a slight sexual tension here it’s because this whole thing was recorded in my hotel room. Just imagine John as Larry Sanders and me as David Duchovny:



We wondered why you guys were taking so long. :wink:

It was really nice to meet John. Great guy.


Thanks Mark! Believe me, I’ve wanted a new chat with MM for a long time. We just couldn’t get schedules synced.

It was hilarious talking live , and yes it was very much Like Larry and Duchonvy TMI with the open bathrobe though Millar! :wink:

Great to have seen all the Millarworld mods and posters who came to Chicago last weekend.

I’ll try not to over-whore-sell the podcast here, but will be happy to update you all on new interview podcasts as they happen

Here’s the download link, which includes a fun talk with Image creators Gabe Hardman & Corrina Bechko too.


Great interview thanks for posting it! :thumbsup:


Millarworld is not a website unaccustomed to over-selling, young Siunteres :smile:



As I a said in Chicago, I don’t think it would hurt ot have an entire Wordballoon thread to post current interviews and give a schedule of what’s coming up.


Enjoyed listening to that interview. Word Balloom and John Siuntres are great.