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Mark Millar on Sky Movies Premier


Tomorrow (Saturday) at 7:45am but appears to be repeated several times, e.g. Sunday at 11:15am.


I like the fact I’m on a sched with Planes and How to Train Your Dragon.

My life has gotten bit weird…



You just now noticed? :smile:


I watched this and liked the list.
Looking at the films that Sky have available and seeing that the only Superman film is Man of Steel makes sense that you didn’t choose any. I reckon Mark would have even put Superman III on the list if it had been available.
I liked the final two picks especially.


Can someone post Mark’s list? (In spoiler tags in case folks haven’t watched this yet).


No need for someone to post a list. Sky have uploaded it to their YouTube channel.


Yes, I was only able to choose movies on the list sky had rights to. Superman the movie and Kick-ass 1 would have been in there otherwise of course as they’re my 2 fave comic book movies of all time.



Great list, I haven’t seen the Lego movie yet but that clip is enough to make me watch it! Superman and Kick-Ass are also my 2 all time favorite superhero movie, so thanks for that Mark! :smile:


I did notice that both Kick Ass 2 and Big Daddy were on at the same time night before last…
I’m just saying…