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Mark Millar/ Greg Capullo project announced tonight


I’m working on the last pages of issue six today and should be finished this tomorrow night. As pretentious as it sounds, I’ve never worked on something that’s been as all-consuming as this, working full time on these six issues since late January, but Greg and I both really, really happy with this.

We haven’t actually taken this out to Hollywood yet as I always like to have the last issue finished before anyone outside the creative team sees it. But we’re in the process of setting up a game deal via a good pal of ours from this here parish and there’s another, almost unexplored medium I’m going to be in London finalising a deal for next week which is incredibly exciting. We’ll take it out to Hollywood later this week. In the meantime, start counting down the hours to the announcement where title, synopsis and first issue cover will be revealed.

Greg is halfway through issue 2 at the moment and we’re looking to release in October.

Lotsa love,


unexplored medium… mmm… VR comic books?


A game! Hope they can squeeze in a few Millarworld easter eggs.


The Mark Millar Radio Hour!! Sponsored by Ovaltine!!


So, Netflix?


Comic books in pill form? Comics with jet packs strapped to them? Comics with self-tying laces? What exciting times we live in.


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