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Mark Millar: "Genius"


So I was looking at the creators’ bios in the back of the Starlight trade, and noticed this under Mark Millar:

“His autobiography Genius will be published next year.”

Is this news? Or did everybody in the world except me know about this?

Or is Mark just spoofing us to see if we’re paying attention? :wink:


I think he did it just to get this thread title.


In the Jupiter’s Legacy trade it says that the autobiography is called The Man With The Golden Brain.

Honestly, that’s a way better title.


Maybe the title is going to change each time as a running gag.

Can I nominate It’s Actually Pronounced “Miller”?


Mark Millar: Movie Master

Just get all that alliteration going.


The Millar’s Tale?


Changed again for the MPH trade.



I can see it now The Real Marathon Man


That’s just… (I have to say it)… genius.


I like "Mark Millar: Superman


Do a dental-care book: Millar On the Floss.


Millar’s Crossing


Author Millar


If it’s a particular candid memoir then can I suggest Frank Millar?


Millar Time
MM! True Comic Book Story