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Mark Millar and Mark Hamill - Together Again for the First Time?


All will be revealed on Friday!


From what you’ve told me - this is your most off-the-wall venture yet!

I’m in for this.


ooooh Mark will play in Empress!

If that is so, good cast, he does have that glorious mane and beard.


This obviously means that the two Marks have finally greenlighted that Hot Tub Time Machine vs Bill and Ted movie that they keep pitching.


Exciting. Can’t wait to hear more about this one.


It’s a nerd alternative to Tinder.


I hope it’s amateur footage of them lightsaber fighting while making their own noises. :wink:


None of this speculation will ever make it to film.

Direct-to-video, maybe.

We must not forget our Marks have become … wholesome.

That can’t last.