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Mark and Rachael Millarworld Annual Interview in CBR


Well I just dropped my phone and almost passed out in the street.





Is there some kinda premium or bounty on naming names? This is not a Congressional Investigation! There are actual consequences here!

Then again, maybe you don’t want your MillarWorldlarians poached.


Seriously big praise Chief. Thanks so much.
I definitely owe you those beers! (especially in this weather. 30 degrees Celsius in Scotland!)
Had to get the missus to google Alan Moore and she just looked at me and said "meh"
Cant wait to see everyone else’s work!


Mark truly deserves praise for what he has been doing for rookies and professionals alike in the comics industry. I would love to see this story picked up by national news sources.


Great interview. So happy for you and the other winners, Mark.


Couldn’t be more grateful to be part of this. Cant’ say enough great things about the work @Rachael_Millarworld has been doing. Thanks to you both!


True Deniz. @Rachael_Millarworld has been fantastic. Now we just have to live up to the hype!!


Really looking forward to reading your story, Mark! Let me know how your bigger pitch is going! We can exchange emails.


" especially ladies! I want a lot more ladies. I’m pushing girl power for 2017"


I’m liking the joy of your statement, not the passing out/potential phone wreckage!


That will be eeeeassyyy peasyyy


Your story was so good that it instantly went right to the top. Seriously pleased for you.

When you get famous, you can name a character after me.


Going through the churn of so many entries for the writing positions was worth it for the quality of the winners (and a fair few of the runners up).

Picking the artists was all Mark. He has a track record of being good at that. :smile:


Does everyone have to put you in a book now??? :wink:




No, everyone has to kill Patrick in a book instead.

More seriously this is sounding very cool - congrats to all involved.