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Mapping the Marvel Universe


Okay so I’ve been working on this for a week in my spare time and procrastinating from things I should be doing (shut it @mattgarvey1981!)

Basically after rereading a few Marvel Cosmic books and Hickmans run and Ewings Ultimates I wanted to see a visual representation of the Marvel Universe that was similar to Morrisons 52 Map.
Annnnd I’m in way to deep

Well it’s not that it cant be done but it is hella more complicated than you think.

So heres my first draft.

Some things need moving some things need replacing and I’m sure some things are missing
Any thoughts, comments, feed back appreciated.

-These are not the final graphics I will be using.
-It does not include the Timeline (which I have also gone wayyy deep on)
-I built it on the following Heirachy of Life
–The One Above All
–Marvel Omniverse The Omniverse is the collection of every single universe, multiverse, megaverse, dimension (alternate or pocket) and realm.
–Multiversal eternity: Every universe in the Multiverse manifests itself as an anthropomorphic being called Eternity.The combination of the countless Eternities of individual universes form a multiversal iteration of Eternity.
–616 Eternity DIMENSIONS & REALMS: The Prime Universe-- last of the old, first of the new. The hub it all revolves around.
–Those Within: Universes and cosmic beings within a universe

Anyway yes I’m bonkers but I needed a bit of structure to this mad mad world so there you go

oh one last thing. Ive decided that eternity is Yggdrasil. Okay I don’t have logic yet as I am awaiting my Copy of Earth X to arrive in the country but I really liked the way it was presented there and it lines up in my head



Holy crap! This is awesome!


Not bad at all. Except multiversal theory demands the system be dynamic, and thus changes shape and specifics constantly. (“The only consistent thing is change.”) The “space” between planes is filled with chaos, which serves as a lubricant and a source of malleable reality. Ellis called this The Bleed.

I wish I could speak mathematics. This looks like a good start - but the elements of motion in space/time must be addressed.


Aha but the bleed is dc. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Whereas we have the superflow also created by Ellis and expanded upon by Hickman.
Boooom.mike drop .


seriously guys this could ruin my relationship. Sindy is super pissed with me :crazy_face:


I think your virginity might have grown back as you worked on this…


Well I’ve put on weight and my complexion is a mess!

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That is amazing, fantastic, incredible and uncanny!


Wow, even at this stage it looks incredible.


Invoke the Uncertainty Principle, @markabnett :wink:


Not sure :thinking: if I should


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Now you can die happy.


Nope. I also have the pantheons and time line to sort out