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Manuel Bracchi art


Hi guys, there are the links to my stuff:

Thanks for your attention.


Sample pages-Manuel Bracchi
bruce + selina
Joker and his knife
manuel bracchi Blade

Absolutely wonderful stuff, Manuel.


thanks for your kindness, Matt.


I’ve subscribed!
It’s shame your art is seen by such a small audience.
This tool will help you to draw actual people
There’re no bots it just liking and subscribing other users by geolocation and common followers\following and there’re tons of other cards to play.




Nice work, but it’s weirding me out that Batman’s head is the same size as Catwoman’s boob.


Are you saying Batman is a massive tit?


Batman is an Hobbit :sunglasses:


The size difference isn’t my problem so much as Batman looks fat. Otherwise good work!


I can not be objetive with this. Love the work, love the couple.


it’s a kind of “collage”, obviously batman is very bigger than catwoman, anyway, thanks for your attention, it’s all useful for me. Thanks again.


Just for fun.



Hi guys, there are some sample pages who I make just for fun.
Thanks for yuor time.


Really good work, buddy! :+1:


These are amazing, fella


Manuel - Please post your work in one thread instead of starting a new thread for every single image unless there is a larger theme. Thank you.


Okay. Sorry for this mistake.


No problem. Thanks for being agreeable.