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Spinning out of the top artists thread I had this thought and was curious how folks would respond.

Pick 6 writers, 6 artists and 6 characters that you’d select to start a brand new comics company. Two caveats: the creators have to be working today and the characters start with no history (so you can’t pick Batman and assume you’ll be an instant millionaire). I’ll start:

Mark Millar - as I think he’s the best ideas guy in comics
Jason Aaron - I think he’s better at going from action to comedy to tragedy that pretty much anyone
Keith Giffen - ok, this is the real best ideas guy in comics. Sorry Mark!
Scott Snyder - I think he does a certain genre very well, but he’s also the hottest name in comics
James Roberts - with the work he’s done on MTMTE I think he’d be amazing on a team book
Peter David - he’s maybe the most masterful storyteller of his generation

Todd McFarlane - as I think he’s maybe the best artist the industry has ever had
JRJR - His pages have more energy that maybe anyones
Frank Quitely - I love his widescreen work on JL right now
John Cassaday - I think his work appeals on a mainstream level more than anyones
Olivier Copiel - Also in the same category as Cassagay
Stewart Immomen - His work on Empress shows he creates beautiful action stories

Starlord - I think the space cowboy angle is really underutilized in comics
Spiderman - I think he remains the best character in comics history. Moreso than Batman because he can be both comic and tragic
Hulk - I’ve always loved Hulk but think Peter David was the only guy who understood the character
Blue Beetle - personal choice, but I think you’ve got a mix of Batman, a less uber Iron Man and a personality that’s like a grown Peter Parker
Adam Warlock - he’d be mu space based character. He needs to drop the melodrama, but you can tell stories that span the length of the universe with Warlock
Wolverine - I think he’s been the most popular character of the modern age for a reason

So my books would be Millar & Quitely on Wolverine, Snyder & JRJR on Spidey, Aaron & McFarlane on Blue Beetle, Giffen & Immomen on Starlord, Roberts & Copiel on Warlock and David & Cassaday on Hulk.

This was actually pretty difficult. I’m interested to see what others do.


Todd McFarlane is not working today. You broke your own rules within one paragraph!


What was trying to say was don’t pick old people or dead people. But sub him out for Capullo then. Happy now??



This is a good thread idea. I started to make a post but then realized my 14-month-old was taking soil out of one of our potted plants by the fistful and putting it in the dresser drawer with my work clothes.


I started making a list which went “Simonson on Thor, Ostrander and Mandrake on Spectre, Busiek and Anderson on Astro City…” and I suspect that’s not what you’re looking for.

It’s a good idea for a thread, and I will give it more thought.



Mark Millar: even putting aside his own stuff and the quality of his work, the biggest cash cow for both Marvel’s films and comics are ideas he sold them in a five year stretch from like 2001-06. Yes that is someone I want on my side.
Brubaker: For my money the most reliable writer in comics, and Marvel and DC have gotten loads of miles off of his ideas too.
Rucka: Probably the best world-inventor in comics currently, a no-brainer.
Christopher Priest: as imo DC is about to find out, the time is right for this guy to smash down all kinds of doors
Tom King: Let’s see what he’s got going forward, but you’re definitely buying stock in him at the right time.
Alan Moore: If we’re talking anyone, well.

Cassady: no-brainer, among the best at establishing worlds
Quitely: another no-brainer
Ivan Reis: I think he has among the best energy in comics
Bryan Hitch: still the best in the business I think
J.H. Williams: makes every book 10 times better
Nicola Scott: she can do facial expressions, humor, and action equally well

Moore and Quitely: Fantastic Four
Rucka and Cassady: Black Panther
Priest and Reis: Hulk
King and Williams: Animal Man
Brubaker and Scott: Blue Beetle
Millar and Hitch: Superman (sue me)

I had a little bit of a hard time matching the artists right but I think this works.


SOLD! :smile:


Whatever Valiant is doing? Do that. Job’s a gud’un.


The idea of Aaron & McFarlane on Blue Beetle is pretty crazy. I feel like that would be an Animal Man style deconstruction.


Millar and Hitch Superman could be gorgeous!
Moore and Quitely on FF would be a treat. I’m sure it would be very fun and optimistic.

The crossover between those two books is what I’d looking forward to the most.


Writers: Millar, Bendis, Aaron, leob, Snyder, Kirkman
Artists: sorrentino, pichelli, Albuquerque, murphy, quitely, capullo
Character: spiderman(miles not parker), batman, Invincible, nemesis, Old man Logan, green lantern


I see it as a Batman without the dead parents and mentally ill villains. Beetle can both protect the city, gadget up with Iron Man like tech, have fun and be silly where it works and get involved in bigger adventures beyond the city (the different tones is why I’d put Aaron on him). He resolves some of the inherent weaknesses with Batman. Of course his outfit isn’t as cool as Batmans, but McFarlane can soon fix that.


Grant Morrison-The Obvious reason of him being who he is.
Mark Waid-He’s shown by his works on The Flash, Irredeemable, Incorruptible, his web comics, and, well everything he’s done that he can write both traditional and non-traditional heroes.
Warren Ellis-I love this bastard’s cynical take on things.
Brian K. Vaughn-Arguably the greatest writer of his generation. Creates real dialogue and deep characters like it’s nothing.
Ales Kot-I think he could be Morrison-like in a few years. His run on Winter Soldier and Suicide Squad won me over. Haven’t read his Image stuff.
Fred Van Lente-He’s one of my absolute favorite writers. His ability to blend comedy with history and theology makes me Jealous.

Alex Maleev-His pages always have a rawness to them that makes the stories appear more real than fiction. It’s been shown to blend well with more talky writers like Bendis.
J.H. Williams The 3rd-His work on Promethea made me a fan. I’m all for comics not having individual panels.
Andrea Sorrentino-Nothing complicated. His visceral style will lend will to any action comic.
Fiona Staples-Saga is beautiful to look at.
Kentaro Miura-Writer and Artist for Bersek, an amazing Manga. He lends a nice, violent style to any book and can help with story telling ideas.
Tradd Moore-I love his trippy, gorgeous violence.

Splinter-Yes, that Splinter. The story would focus on him as a travelling Samurai in NYC. It would detail his history of his early days in America with the man who would become Shredder. His mutation and eventual quest to find and kill his former owner. I know, making the teacher of TMNT a samurai, what a disgrace. :wink: I feel like it would fit his story better, given that he’s one man.
John McClane-yippee ki yay
Richie Rich-Would be a villain book. He’s got a girl named Penny, treats her like she’s nothing. A Dog named Dollar, treats him like a million bucks. He wouldn’t spare a dime to save a nickel.
Finesse-She has the potential to be a great hero for Marvel. I think she could hold a book on her own pretty easy. We would throw away the super hero thing for this world and make her a Secret Agent. In a book like Steranko’s Nick Fick Fury or the more recent Grayson.
Spider-Man-Great power and all that stuff.Peter Parker would start off the series crippled by an attack from the Sinister 6. He’s forced to train an heir. He’s stuck with teenage Wade Wilson.
Cassidy-The life and times of everyone’s favorite Irish Blood Sucker.

Fred Van Lente & Fiona Staples on Spider-Man
Warren Ellis & Andrea Sorrentino on Splinter
Ales Kot & J.H. Williams The 3rd on Finesse
Brian K. Vaughn & Kentaro Miura on Cassidy
Mark Waid & Alex Maleev on Die Hard
Grant Morrison & Tradd Moore on Richie Rich


That explanation makes it sound waaaaaaay cooler.




Justice League

I know you said characters but I like team books best
Giffen and Cho on Defenders
Hickman and Immonen on Legion
Millar and Quietly on Justice League
Aaron and Frank on Titans
Ewing and Fabok on Xmen
Snyder and Lee on Avengers


Aaand that’s the comic that I never knew I wanted.


I’m more offended that Jim chose McFarlane and didn’t put him on Spidey! :slight_smile:

(Good thread idea. I need some more time to think on this.)