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Make your own Sequels....

I like to play a game from time to time where I take two unrelated movies and put/ watch them together to imagine them as prequel-sequels to each other.

One example is the Terminator and The Matrix- The Matrix being a far future version of what happens when the machines eventually enslave all the humans, and Neo is the reincarnation of John Conner…

Another is the Imitation Game with Cumberbatch as Alan Turing creating early AI, and Ex Machina where the process is taken to a conclusion by another troubled genius.

Any other ‘sequel’ suggestions from the great minds of MW?


I like to do the same thing! Here are some ideas…

Jason Statham escapes from his Furious 7 prison and goes to work as a hitman in Los Angeles, leading to Crank and, more importantly, Crank: High Voltage.

Justin Long starts out as a nervous high school kid in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, fakes his way through college in Accepted, starts learning about computers and hacking, gets co-opted into helping John McClane save the day in Live Free or Die Hard, then tries to cope with McClane ditching him for his son by starting a podcast with his friend in Tusk and becomes a walrus.

Jack Black lost his record store job in High Fidelity and so faked his way into teaching at the School of Rock.

E.T. was an undercover alien scout who went home and returned with the invading armies of War of the Worlds.

Batman Begins is not the prequel to The Dark Knight. American Psycho is.

And, of course, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a prequel to Cameron growing up and becoming Ed Norton in Fight Club.


Quite a lot clearly happened in the 1,973 movies between Se7en and 2001.

(To rip off an old Richard Herring joke.)


I dont get it


I’ve long thought that The Wicker Man happens somewhere during the Ghost Rider movies and that they inhabit the same continuity.

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Was Edward Woodward in Ghost Rider? I must have missed that bit.

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Somewhat relevant:

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It seems pretty obvious (mostly because it was planned that way), but Sean Connery’s character in The Rock is basically an aging James Bond, so that sort of works as a late sequel.

As I understand it, Connery thought his character was underwritten, so hired Dick Clement and Ian LeFrenais to improve it. They took the step of making him a bit more James Bond.


Oh yes! That works!

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Die Hard is the sequel to Commando.

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Weirdly the movie was planned as a sequel to Commando, but the book it was based on was a sequel to the novel The Detective by Roderick Thorp, which was filmed with Frank Sinatra in the lead role. Apparently Frankie was offered the lead at one point in the development (not sure if this was before or after Arnie). And Richard Gere turned it down.


Obviously Ted from Bill & Ted goes on to defeat the Matrix.


We were talking about a sequel to TOTAL RECALL and, unsurprisingly if you think about it, MINORITY REPORT originally was supposed to be the sequel.

Personally, I think you could almost make a connection between all the PK Dick films.


At least the “police” storylines. A SCANNER DARKLY describes the drug epidemic that leads to the chemically induced mutation of people who had precognitive powers first seen in NEXT. Then, the character in NEXT is the ancestor to the precogs in MINORITY REPORT. After the Pre-Crime unit is shut down, a secret organization continues their research into the precogs powers and this leads to the time viewing device in PAYCHECK. The US government takes all the research left over from the wreckage at the end of that film and use it later in the alien war to find warnings about THE IMPOSTER. The same sort of weaponized “replicant” technology is used in both SCREAMERS (off-world) and BLADE RUNNER (on Earth). Finally, after the intergalactic war has left the human race and the galaxy with few inhabitable worlds, the survivors thousands of years in the future crack open the time-viewing technology and become time travelers going back through generations to “adjust” the timeline so they can undo and avoid all the mistakes that led to their near-extinction with THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU.


Ah… You never disappoint, Henning. Interesting.

Do you recommend watching The ADJUSTMENT BUREAU? I was put off by the trailers.

One of the best fan-made trailers I’ve seen. Thanks!

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Yes, it is not a standard PK Dick movie - more fantasy than science fiction, but it has a very good cast with a smart script and is fairly well shot. I’d compare it to EDGE OF TOMORROW as a successfully entertaining SF film that doesn’t try to get too ambitious.

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Thank you, I shall have a look through Dan’s extensive library! :smiley:

This is easy.
Especially with Walter Hill’s movies, three of which make up a veritable trilogy.

Last Man Standing, Streets of Fire, and The Warriors make up a timeline of a hyper-reality of crime and violence.
The 20’s, 50’s, and 70’s.

Where gangs are king, stoic anti-heroes roam the nation, and the cops are seldom seen.


That’s good to know, I think it’s currently on amazon prime here.