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Make your first comic...i'll print it in the back of mine. OPEN


I think that you mean “bear with me”…unless you mean something else :grimacing:


yeah, bare bottom! :wink:


No, I think that’s still bear bottom :wink:


I’m sure that won’t put off any creators :smile:


You don’t know Matt very well, do you? :smirk:


ARRRRRR this has been so tough, picking just one!
I am so sorry guys, i really am proud of you all for making your first comics!
Waaaaaaaaay too much pressure for a small press creator…don’t know how the Chief and the mods do this! :grimacing:

Ok, so here goes…
So, i f it is ok with both @rebgardner & @Pablohidalgo, i would like to include your story in the back of my comic?

P.S…those of you that i didn’t pick. please don’t stop making comics.
You have come so far…so, don’t see this as a kick in the nuts or something negative, because you made a comic!
And that is one hell of an achievement!


Congratulations @rebgardner and @Pablohidalgo.

I’m absolutely delighted for you.


Congratulation guys :D.


YES! We’d be delighted!

Thank you @mattgarvey1981 for this amazing opportunity. I must admit that I read this post a few hours ago and I have been rather speechless since. Only now do I have the words to inadequately thank you and all who participated. @Sh4d0vvkn1ght, @JBlundell, @abobarin-ayoade, @scw I can’t wait to see what you all come up with next! It has been a delight to see your work come together and @JBlundell & @abobarin-ayoade, I might just make my husband shave his beard thanks to you two. :wink:

@mattgarvey1981 thank you, thank you, thank you! This is crazy cool of you.

Oh, and I (and my creative team) AGREE TO ALL THE RULES ABOVE :wink:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I can’t wait to see what you do next.


yeah @rebgardner and @Pablohidalgo !!:clap::clap:


ok, leave it with me…my comic wont be out for a good few months yet,
But we’ll sort this out :blush:


Wow - this is so cool!!!


you ain’t doing so bad yourself, Kiddo! :smiley:
We got a comic coming out and they are flying out the door!


Congratulations @rebgardner and @Pablohidalgo on your comic. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to see it in the book ready to review :wink:

Also, congrats to @Sh4d0vvkn1ght, @scw and all the others who entered, I loved all your comics and, I have to admit, if anyone wanted to take up @mattgarvey1981’s suggestion then I’d be game (as long as my partner in crime @abobarin-ayoade was willing).


Congratulations to @rebgardner and @Pablohidalgo on being selected for inclusion in the comic. Well deserved :slight_smile:

To the rest of folk that posted up comics, I really enjoyed each of the comics and didn’t envy @mattgarvey1981 the task of choosing which the comic to be printed. Really great standard from first time creators. Great job, y’all :smiley:

Regarding the suggestion of the anthology, I’d also be cool with that :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing what comic creations everyone make next :slight_smile:

And thanks once again to @mattgarvey1981 for the kick in the butt to get the first comic made :smiley:


Well done to the winners @rebgardner and @Pablohidalgo and also to Matt for dreaming up this thing in the first place!

This is the sort of thing I keep coming back to the forums for!


Hi all @abobarin-ayoade and I were recently invited onto a podcast, Longbox Review, to talk about making our pages and the competition. @mattgarvey1981 suggested some of you might be interested so, if you are, here is the link


It’s a great listen too, especially because I get patted on the back sooooooooo much :smiling_imp: