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Make your first comic...i'll print it in the back of mine. OPEN


Looks great, buddy!
Well done!


Here’s our submission, THE LONGHAUL SMUGGLERS. Written by me and penciled, inked, colored, and lettered by the fabulous @Pablohidalgo. Thank you @mattgarvey1981 and I wish you all the best. This was a great experience! Hope you all enjoy it!


Hi Becca!

That is brilliant!
I’m so proud of you!!!
Glad you enjoyed making it…MAKE MORE!!!
Keep going…nothing stopping you now!


Thank you!!! :blush:


Just a quick heads up, there is only three weeks left on this!


Hey all! Cos Matt is a stand up guy, I am happy to offer my lettering services for free for people who want to enter this.

So, give me a hollah if you need a letterer!



awwwww, cheers, Rob!
Nice gesture.


I should get mine finished before then. The pressure!


Tick tock tick tock!
You can do it, fella!


Arrgh, I knew I’d struggle with this deadline, even though it was more than generous!

Love the entries so far, but fear I won’t be submitting. This time. THIS TIME!

P.S. Thanks Matt - it was certainly the kick up the arse you intended it to be: I ALMOST finished a 2000AD Future Shocks script before the window shut, have been to 2 (TWO!) screenwriting talks by guys from C4/BBC and am currently writing something for this

Just need to get some tame artists on retainer!


No worries, Tom.
No pressure.

Hopefully it won’t be the last time I do this.
If It helps people take this first steps in making comics, which I think it has, I’ll do it again!


im an artist im available


im available


Hi Abobarin, are you still available? I’d like to send you my script and, if you like it, work with you on this. Let me know if that sounds good.


sounds good

Anyone Know of Sci-Fi/Horror Anthologies Accepting Submissions?

Only two weeks left on this you lot! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s a revised first page … forgot to include the title and credtis. I’m learning SO much during this process, @mattgarvey1981! Thank you for this opportunity and your encouragement. :slight_smile:


you are more than welcome…but don’t thank me!
You are the one who has gone out and made a comic!


Only 8 days left!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


7 days left!!!