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Make your first comic...i'll print it in the back of mine. OPEN


@mattgarvey1981 Would my artist and I be retaining all IP rights (so that we could publish the short online)?



You and your artist own EVERYTHING…all i am doing is giving four away four blank pages away in the back of my comic to print someone else’s alongside mine…if i am honest i want nothing to do with the ownership of yours :yum:

Your team just must be fore of new creators who have never made a comic before…just wanna encourage people to go out and make comics! :smile:


Awesome! Thanks!


No worries.
Any other questions, just let me know.


still unsure that you have what it takes to make your first comic?



strangely enough, was watching that the other night in bed…its on netflix
In my top five…


Only 8 weeks left to do this guys!


Just had the first entry from our very own, @Sh4d0vvkn1ght and it is very good and made me laugh a lot!

Nice work George!

As i just said in the email i sent back to you…i am REALLY proud of you!



Congrats @Sh4d0vvkn1ght:smile:


Thanks for your kind words but I think I am the one that must thank 2 people . First Matt Garvey because he show how much he love the comic medium by giving opportunity to us that we are far away to see our job printed . His strength to hunt the dream give the rest of us a feeling of hope and inspiration.
Second Simon Jones because without his huge help I am sure I wouldn’t be able to draw even one panel. Have fun guys and thanks again.


don’t be daft…this is all you, buddy!
You had to make it…not me!
And you did, so pat yourself on the back and keep going. :wink:


What Matt said… @Sh4d0vvkn1ght


I’m going to actively ignore this part and steal Matt’s thread to say that thanks to his inspiration and hard graft in making his own comics and encouraging others to do the same - I’ve hobbled together a script to make a go at his generous offer.

A few of the London MW crew have had a look at my little story and no-one threw up, which I take to be a positive sign. My problem is that all the artists I know are already published…

Any artists who meet the criteria in Matt’s first post want to discuss, drop me a PM!


You know what?!
I agree…if anyone is still struggling to find a parter for this you can now use the thread to search.
At the start, I just didn’t want message to get lost among the search…



Hi everyone

Following on from the last couple of posts (and because Matt suggested it), I’m looking for an artist to collaborate with on this. If you see this and are interested then please do get in touch.



Come on artists, I know you are out there!
Team up with both @James & @JBlundell and get these 4 pages drawn up!!!
Times a wasting! :wink:


Good morning Matt and sorry I bother you again but I have a question. You want color comics for your competition? Because if you want I can color mine and I hope I wont disqualified for that.

Good day.


Hi George,

This is your comic, buddy!
If you want to colour it…GO FOR IT!
It is completely your choice…the winner will be going in the back of a colour comic… I am paying for colour print…so, the option is there if people want it.
But at the end of the day it comes down to what is right for YOUR story…



Hello again. I upload my comic again in color in low resolution,because of size limits. The process was incredibly fun .
So guys make your one . Garvey give us a great opportunity here. First to fight against our fears and insecurities , second to measure our strength against our bad shelf and finish the job. And who knows maybe someone to see it and offer us the dream job in comics :smiley: . Take the opportunity.

Have fun all.