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Make your first comic...i'll print it in the back of mine. OPEN


Only two weeks left on this you lot! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s a revised first page … forgot to include the title and credtis. I’m learning SO much during this process, @mattgarvey1981! Thank you for this opportunity and your encouragement. :slight_smile:


you are more than welcome…but don’t thank me!
You are the one who has gone out and made a comic!


Only 8 days left!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


7 days left!!!


Hi all. Here is mine and @abobarin-ayoade’s submission, The Hipster Beard. Art is by Ayoade and the script is by myself. Both he and I agree to all the rules above. Special thanks goes to @mattgarvey1981 who not only gave us the encouragement to do this, but also did our lettering. We hope you all enjoy it!!

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That’s great, guys.
Well done…funny…in a dark way :joy:
Just gonna go shave my beard now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yes get a shave because you never know!!


Haha, good work!


5 days left!!!


I knew I was right not to check out this thread until I finished my own submission.
Was pretty sure I was gonna be the one to lower the standard :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers to Matt for the challenge. Got a comic completed if nothing else :slight_smile:


Matt, if you ever put up the same offer, can Luke and I get in on the action with our 6 pager?


hello…not sure if you meet the criteria, buddy! :frowning:
have you or Luke been published?
Plus, its meant to encourage people who have never made a comic…so, if i do this again…you kind have already made one… :grimacing:


I have not! Well … I technically have drawn one, but it’s not been published anywhere. :frowning:

Hmm, let me see how wildly successful the writer is, might turn out he’s secretly Chris Claremont.


well, we will see…
But just had a thought…
You have a 6pager…
@scw, @JBlundell & @abobarin-ayoade, @rebgardner & @Sh4d0vvkn1ght all have 4 page strips…
So, That’s at least 26 pages of comic art…why not stick a cover on it and then stick it up on comixology as a MillarWrold anthology…You wont make any money out of it…we would be talking pennies…but it would get your stories out in the world…plus, if any other you wanted to do a “small print” run and sell them at cons…that could work.
You would all have to come to a agreement on prices and to charge and so forth…otherwise one might be selling them at £3.00…someone at £4.00 and people might get confused…but it might be a nice collaboration of some great talent from the forum.

You have all made an anthology…WITHOUT EVEN TRYING!

Just food for thought… :yum:


don’t be so daft!
You have done an amazing job and i am immensely proud of you!
Made me laugh!
Well done!


Only two days left!


It’s the LAST DAY!!!


Oh thank god. Let the madness end!!!
Hastag #TheresNoSpamLikeGarveySpam!


We all can’t win a spot in the MillarWorld Annual!
Some of us have to start somewhere… :joy: