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Make your first comic...i'll print it in the back of mine. OPEN


Ok, so let’s do this.

If you didn’t see the thread I posted earlier this week, I will quickly run through what I am hoping to achieve here.

I am a small press creator and I have a number of comics coming out this year.
As well as making my own comics, I like to try and encourage and help other wannabe creators to go out there and make their own comics.
It is hard work, but it is such a fun thing to do.
Getting a 24 page comic completed right out of the blocks can be a daunting task and let’s be honest, it’s scary if you have never done it before.
I want to help you go from thinking “I don’t know if I can” to “I CAN make my own comic”.

So, what am I proposing?

I have a Sci-fi comedy comic called “untitled generic space comedy” coming out later this year and I want to help you by printing YOUR four-page story in the back of my comic to help you get a taste for it.

You or your team will not be paid by me or anyone else for including your story in my SMALL PRESS comic. All I am doing is giving away four pages in the back of my comic for a story that I like.

It will actually cost me more money to print MY comic with your story in the back…
And I am simply doing this to encourage you to start making comics.
If you are looking to get paid, then please do not enter…
Your creative team will own all the rights to anything you create and make (you need to work out how that is split within your teams, I am not getting involved), I will be paying for the printing costs out of my own pocket and I’ll happily give your team 10 free copies to be split.
So, if you are a writer and an artist, paring up, you’ll get 5 copies each…

• You must be a complete team, either a writer/artist or a writer and an artist team.
If you are the latter, it is up to you to find your partner and work out your own “arrangement” with how you work with each other (again I am not getting involved).
PLEASE do not try use this thread find a partner. This thread is purely finished comics ONLY.
• I am NOT looking for solo scripts or art samples; I need completed four page comics. Pencilled, inked, Coloured (optional) and lettered comics. So, please do not post unfinished work here. If you need help lettering your comic, I will happily help letter your story for you (if I can). If so, once you have completed every other stage, Direct message me and we’ll see about me helping out.
• You must be a member of the Millarworld Forum to enter, because you need to post your four page comic in this tread.
• DEADLINE: April 30th 2017, so this will give you just under four months to find a partner (if needed) and create your completed four page stories.
• I am the one and only judge, so it is my choice. I will have the final say about what story goes into my comic. No arguments.
• I will pick only one story to go in the back of my comic.
• I will be doing an initial print run of around 150-200 comics which your story will be included in. Any printing after that will not include your story.
• You or any member of your team cannot have had any comic work previously printed (including self-published & web comics) because the point of this is to encourage NEW people, who have never tried it before.
• Your completed story must be FOUR PAGES only. Any more or any less and I cannot use it.
• It must be a Comedy Sci-Fi comic, I am not looking for any other genre.
• No nudity in your comic
• No swearing in your comic
• Nothing inappropriate.
• It needs to be in English.
• The comic, story, characters and everything involved must be completely your own work and original. So, do not be using other people’s characters or intellectual properties.
So, no Superman is in space stories…
• One entry per person/team. So if you are a writer you can’t write four scripts, team up with four different artists and enter four times.
• Feel free to ask questions in this thread, if I haven’t been clear, but apart from that complete comics only to be posted, please.
• When posting your finished comics you MUST include the words “I (and my creative team) AGREE TO ALL THE RULES ABOVE” because I do not have time to write up a legal document to get you to sign and send back…THIS IS NOT THE MILLARWORLD TALENT SEARCH it is just a small press comic with a small print run.
• I (Matt Garvey) have the right to change or alter the rules as I see fit. So, basically if there is something important that I have missed or if something needs tweaking after a question is asked, I can change these rules…so please don’t scream at me. This is a learning curve for me too.
• This offer has nothing to do with MillarWorld or Mark Millar and they are not responsible. Please do not badger Mark or the Mods.

Worst case scenario you make your four-page comic and I don’t pick you, but you know what, YOU JUST MADE YOUR FIRST COMIC…So keep going.

AGAIN, I am only doing this purely as a gesture of kindness, because I thought it would be nice and I want to encourage people to go out and make their first comic.
If you are looking for any kind of monetary reward from me, please do not enter.
I cannot stress that enough.

Now go out there and make a comic!

Writer looking for artists to collaborate with in 2017!



Hi Matt,

This is a great opportunity to develop Millarworld talent. I’m guessing I’m excluded due to my Impossible Tales anthology.

If artists / writers are working with me on the next one would that exclude them as well? It won’t be ready until March approximately.


P.S - I hope not.


Yes, Sir.
You and people you are currently working with would be excluded because they are or already have created.
This is for complete newbies.


Okay. I’ll be sure this is made clear to anyone I ask to collaborate with me on Impossible Tales Volume 2!

Good luck with your search.




•No nudity in your comic
•No swearing in your comic
•Nothing inappropriate.

Are these rules really by the same Matt Garvey who made Chunks? :disappointed_relieved:


It is!

Please guys, only questions or completed comics to be posted!!!
I don’t want this thread to lose its way! :blush:




That was almost funny.
Don’t do it again otherwise I’ll ask for it to be deleted :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


just giving this a much needed bump so everyone knows this is LIVE…
Not an excuse for @markabnett to start posting dopey comments! :wink:


Did someone say gratuitous post to bump this up?


I must have imagined it then.

Please carry on. :smile:


Ok, I’ll carry on :wink:
Good lad!


As I said previously, great offer. As it’s such a generous deadline I’m definitely gonna write something (and hopefully pursue an artist). Just one question for you @mattgarvey1981 - could you give us a clue or two about your story to avoid any chance of clashing? I have a concept ready to work on, so could pm you a quick outline. For instance, if you had a sort of Star Trek-ish main story, you’d probably want a short that was anything but? Just a thought.



Thanks and I appreciate the fact you don’t want to make something that will clash.
All I can tell you about mine is that it is a buddy comedy set in space. after Earth finally gets inducted into the galaxy’s space federation and has warp technology shared with them, Jim & Scott decide to leave their mundane lives on earth for a more exciting one among the stars…Chaos follows.
That’s all you are getting :wink:

If you are still unsure about a clash and want to DM a quick description about yours that’s cool too.

Hope that helps?


Ha, this was a random (but apparently pertinent) example. Nope, my current idea has nowt to do with space or the final frontier, so I’ll forge on. Thanks!


Forge away to you, son.
Forge away!


I have a pretty funny story about a nude, sweary, naked, pottymouthed, inappropriate murderbot called “NudeySwears vs the Social Justice jerks”.

But, I guess I’ll have to find, some other free four page small press give-away…


as long as we can use:
black bars to censor the nudity, use @~$% to cover the swears and perhaps changed the title…you are in!


Well, I can’t just send you four black pages, Matt.