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Major X - Issue Chat and Spoiler Thread

A few of us have expressed some excitement over Major X, Rob Liefeld’s first new creation for Marvel in quite some time.

It might merit a thread if it’s own, for both those who are picking this issue up and those who are not but are morbidly curious to see how good or bad it is.

Heads up on this one; I’m reading it digitally, but having yesterday dug out a few single issues from my ‘to read’ stack, I found the experience far more enjoyable than what I’ve been reading on the iPad of late.

I’ve mostly gone digital on singles but it’s not the same. So I’ve decided to pick this series up in physical copies as well. I’ll read the first issue today digitally and then wait for the others to ship.

So the reason for the heads up is that this looks to be sold out in a lot of places already the only copy I could see on eBay was already £9.99

It’s sold out in mega city comics and a few other places.

I managed to order it on forbidden planet which is currently stictly limited to 1 copy per customer, at a price of £4.25 plus £1 postage

If you are going to your local store for a copy I’d be quick…

On eBay, there is preorder options for issue 2 and 3 at A Place in Space and one other vendor but they both only had limited numbers left, I’ve picked up the 2nd last copy from a place in space.
It’s £3.60 including postage for them, which is a lot more reasonable.

So if you are planning on getting these in singles, I’d keep your eye on it in case this ends up getting a bit silly with prices.

Anyway, I’m sure this thread might not be around for long and I won’t be offended if anyone wants to move this to the ongoing comics thread, but it lets folk chat without having to keep thinking about spoilers and adding spoiler text.



I’d prefer it was here as I’d like to read it and not have other comics spoilt before I get to them.

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Great idea Chris. I was only semi-interested in this, but I’ll pick it up so I can join in the discussion.

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I’ve heard terrible reviews but I also love that the Liefeld marketing explosion never ends. Half the comic shops in the world haven’t even opened and this is already a rare item. :smile:


FP have pre-orders for #2-6 open, all at £3.65 including p&p.

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It’s probably going to be terrible, but in the best possible way. It’s genuinely exciting to know who the identity is but there’s a good chance it (the reveal) won’t live up to expectations.

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Nah, checking the list of people who post in this thread is a great way to update a couple of lists


Brilliant, thanks for the heads up

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I didn’t realise it was written by Rob as well - I haven’t read it or kept up with what it’s about (although I know of it through following Rob and Whilce on Twitter and Instagram); is there an in-story reason for multiple pencillers per issue?

Erik Larsen has some minor Marvel work coming out soon too - so three of the top 6 Image founders are doing work for Marvel this year - interesting.


It’s been 30 years, has he learned how to draw feet yet?

The sun has just come out

I’ve just made myself a cup of tea

The kids are downstairs having their dinner

My wife and mother in law are watching The Greatest Showman for about the 40th time

I’ve got about 30 mins before I need to make dinner and end endless chores until the Celtic game comes on

Let’s flipping well do it!!

Major X # 1 by Rob Liefeld and some other dudes on inks and colours

I love the cover. It’s simple. It’s an echo of simpler times. The new character is front and centre, surrounded by other Liefeld creations and the ever popular face of Wolverine, just for extra leverage, if he needs the help to gain more attention to the book.
Simplicity is a key theme here, from the cover montage, to the massive bold announcement that Major X is here on the credits page shown above, to the design of the character himself.

I probably overuse this phrase when talking about the man, but Rob Liefeld is a force of nature. If you have ever watched or listened to him being interviewed, you will know this.
And having this insight into the him as a character you very much understand why his work is so electric and In your face. Because it’s just him on a page.
There’s no flirting here. After a very quick and light bit of narrative we are right down to business with a double page splash page of Agent X with his boot on Cable’s face, and he is packing heat


Right away Rob smartly sets up some interesting questions for the reader…
Who is Agent X?
What does he want with Cable and the rest of the Xavier’s School?
What’s that glowy thing on his chest? and
How many pairs of socks has he got tucked in there?

Plot wise, there’s nothing new going on here. Major X has come from an alternative dimension which is falling apart and warps to what I assume is the 616 earth to enlist the help of Cable and some other mutants to save the X-ential and therefore his reality.
It started off well enough but there’s a bit too much x-position, a bit of clunky dialogue here and there and the issue descends into a bit of a punch up.
Is it a great comic? No and yes.
It is a hell of a lot of fun and the art is fantastic for the most part. I actually whispered the words ‘this is awesome, man’ to myself after a few pages. ‘Comics should be ridiculous’ is a phrase that is often used by Vince B on the 11 O clock comics podcast. This is exactly the sort of comic that applies to. It feels fresh because it has touches of an era that we don’t see an awful lot of any more.


I’m in for the duration of the series, however I can see that 8/10 gradually getting lower as the novelty wears off.


Looks like FP is sold out of issue #1 now.

It really is like the '90s again. :slight_smile:


I imagine everyone who left to go to Image will suddenly return with a new character or team over the next year. Hooray.

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Jim Lee may not. :wink:




:confused: ?


I don’t see Todd Mcfarlane doing it either. :slight_smile:


I’m agreeing.

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Pffft, that man will do anything for a quick buck and some promotion.

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